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Proton scattering reveals the secrets of strongly-correlated proton-neutron pairs in atomic nuclei

An international team captures the tensor-force originated high-momentum proton-neutron pairs using proton scattering experiment

An international research collaboration including Osaka University has reported the first experimental evidence that the strongly correlated proton-ne...


Conclusive evidence of emergent magic number 34


Scientists predict existence of strange particle ‘di-Omega’

Particle containing six quarks predicted by advanced technology and the K computer

Natural Sciences

Scientists discover the secret behind the stability of carbon isotopes

International collaboration led by Osaka University identifies that proton number six is a magic number for neutron-rich carbon isotopes

An international research collaboration led by Osaka University has provided experimental and theoretical evidence for the existence of the magic numb...

Natural Sciences

Understanding gravity: The nanoscale search for extra dimensions

A Japan–US research collaboration involving Osaka University uses high-sensitivity experiments to probe exotic gravitational force

A Japan–US research collaboration involving Osaka University has used a pulsed slow neutron beamline to probe the deviation of the inverse square law ...

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