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New on/off functionality for fast, sensitive, ultra-small technologies

A research team including Osaka University reports an ultra-small actuator with the fastest on/off switch and most precise position control in the world

Researchers from Osaka University have developed an ultra-small actuator that can be turned on and off in a fraction of a millisecond and exhibits nan...

Natural Sciences

How to have a blast like a black hole

Scientists at Osaka University use extremely intense laser pulses to create magnetized-plasma conditions comparable to those surrounding a black hole, research that may help explain the still mysterious X-rays that can be emitted from some celestial bodies

Scientists at Osaka University have created magnetized-plasma conditions similar to those near a black hole using very intense laser pulses. This work...

Natural Sciences

Planetary ball-milling helps protect our planet from plastics pollution

Researchers from Osaka University have developed eco-friendly polymer materials with extended functional lifespans that are self-healing, tough and recyclable, by innovatively using a planetary ball mixing method

Researchers at Osaka University have developed supramolecular polymeric materials that combine rapid self-healing with high toughness by using the eff...

Life Sciences & Medicine

RNA quality control system goes awry in frontotemporal lobar degeneration

Researchers at Osaka University identify vicious cycle involving RNA exosome that accelerates disease progression in FTLD/ALS

Researchers from Osaka University have uncovered that the RNA exosome is critical for the degradation of defective repeat RNA derived from C9orf72 rep...

Life Sciences & Medicine

Antibody blockade effective in treatment of severe COVID-19

A team of researchers led by Osaka University find an overlap in the pathogenesis of cytokine release syndrome and COVID-19, and show that the symptoms of both can be alleviated by IL-6 signaling blockade

A hyperinflammatory response following infection or trauma can cause the life-threatening condition cytokine release syndrome (CRS). Researchers led b...

Natural Sciences

The easy way to get a square deal

Scientists at Osaka University demonstrate a simple method for inserting high-energy cubane molecules into an existing single-crystal supramolecular framework, work that may lead to next-generation energy storage and engineered catalysts

Scientists at Osaka University introduce an easy method for adding cubane molecules to previously synthesized crystals. This work may help lead to muc...

Life Sciences & Medicine

Is turning back the clock in aging fat cells a remedy for lifestyle diseases?

Researchers led by Osaka University find that reversing age-related changes in fat cells may prevent the development of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and fatty liver

Researchers from Osaka University found that lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol, and fatty liver are caused by age-related changes ...

Life Sciences & Medicine

Change isn’t a good thing for Japanese rheumatoid arthritis patients

Researchers led by Osaka University find that some Japanese rheumatoid arthritis patients are genetically predisposed to interstitial lung disease

Interstitial lung disease (ILD) is a common complication of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) that dramatically increases the risk of death. In a recent study...


Temporary salt crystals may provide a permanent solution to Alzheimer’s

Osaka University researchers show that salt crystals can precipitate at low concentrations owing to local density fluctuation and their repeated precipitation-dissolution behavior promotes aggregation of Amyloid-β peptides implicated in Alzheimer’s disease

Researchers at Osaka University have demonstrated that precipitation of a salt crystal occurs even at concentrations much lower than its solubility du...

Life Sciences & Medicine

Pathological regression of lymph nodes better predicts esophageal cancer survival

A team of researchers led by Osaka University established a new pathological grading system to evaluate the therapeutic effect of neoadjuvant chemothe...


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