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Life Sciences & Medicine
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Winning the Arms Race: Analysis Reveals Key Gene for Bacterial Infection

Researchers at Osaka University use molecular-level analyses of evolution to identify a key gene in bacterial infection, potentially providing a novel target for drugs that could minimize the incidence of bacterial resistance

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Tiny DNA Reader to Advance Development of Anticancer Drugs

Researchers from Osaka University use tiny probes and an electrical current to locate anticancer drug molecules incorporated into single strands of DNA

Life Sciences & Medicine
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Hematopoietic Stem Cells: Making Blood Thicker than Water

Researchers at Osaka University reveal how a regulatory molecule ensures an appropriate supply of blood cells while avoiding the excessive proliferation associated with conditions like leukemia

Life Sciences & Medicine
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ECG rhythm and Airway Management Make All the Difference During A Heart Attack

Japan-based study involving Osaka University finds valuable correlation between use of advanced airway management and ECG rhythms indicating need/non-need for defibrillation during out-of-hospital cardiac arrest

Life Sciences & Medicine
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Adipocyte glucocorticoid receptors play a role in developing steroid diabetes

Osaka University researchers clarify part of mechanism behind the development of steroid diabetes

Life Sciences & Medicine
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Gut Instinct: Bile Acid-Triggered Bacterial Adaptation Characterized

Researchers at Osaka University and international colleagues show how a system triggered by the recognition of bile acids enables bacteria to survive the harsh conditions in the human gut


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