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Magnetization process in antiferromagnetic materials observed

Life Sciences & Medicine

Voluntary control of brainwaves in deep brain of patients with Parkinson's disease

Patients with Parkinson's disease can voluntarily control β waves in their deep brain, representing a new approach toward managing disease-related brain activity

Life Sciences & Medicine

Threat of “nightmare bacteria” exhibiting resistance to last-resort antibiotic colistin

Wide dissemination of colistin-resistant Escherichia coli, a growing therapeutic concern, in rural communities in Vietnam revealed

Researchers examined the dissemination of colistin-resistant bacteria among residents of rural communities in Vietnam to find that the prevalence of c...

Natural Sciences

Dual control: plant peptide hormone generates distinct cell structures for water flow

Researchers discover how a single plant peptide hormone controls the development of two different cell types that are central to the flow of water through the plant

An international collaboration including Osaka University researchers has found that a peptide hormone regulates two different cell division processes...

Natural Sciences

Flexible thermoelectric generator module: a silver bullet to fix waste energy issues

Large-scale flexible thermoelectric generator module with high mechanical reliability and highly efficient power generation

Researchers developed an inexpensive large-scale flexible thermoelectric generator (FlexTEG) module with high mechanical reliability for highly effici...


Structural fluctuations in proteins determine which direction bacteria are moving

A step forward to artificial nanomachines capable of controlling travelling direction

Natural Sciences

Adventures in Phase Space: Unified Map on Plastic and Elastic Glasses

Osaka University-led researchers simulate the phase diagram of a simple glass, showing how its plasticity, elasticity, yielding and jamming depend on the annealing process

A research team led by Osaka University simulated glassy colloidal solids to understand their mechanical and failure properties. Under strain, the har...

Life Sciences & Medicine

Cancer Cells Distinguished by Artificial Intelligence-based System

Osaka University researchers develop a system using artificial intelligence that can automatically differentiate between different types of cancer cell

A research team at Osaka University created a system that uses a convolutional neural network to learn the features distinguishing different cancer ce...


Interactive surfaces enter a whole new dimension of flexibility

Researchers have developed a display that utilizes a flexible tube and liquid droplets inside it as a display material


Novel technology reduces energy consumption of MRAM and AI hardware

Researchers efficiently control magnetic pole direction in nano-magnets using heat, amplifying microwave signals

Researchers from Osaka University, in collaboration with the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) and Grenoble Alpe...

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