Multi-beam laser coating technology for precision metal mold machining developed

To be on the market as multi-beam laser coating apparatus using a metal powder direct injection system

Oct 30, 2018

Osaka University, Industrial Research Institute of Ishikawa, and Muratani Machine Manufacture Co. Ltd. developed multi-beam laser coating technology using a metal powder direct injection system, establishing laser coating technology for metal molds for smartphone parts as well as high-precision machining such as micro drilling.

With this technology, it is possible to perform coating with less distortion and thin film coating by irradiating multiple laser beams with a small spot diameter. This technology also makes it possible to accurately form a thin film on a desired position through melting and solidification of powder injected from the center of a head by irradiating laser beams with a small spot diameter.

The beam spot size of this apparatus is smaller than that of conventional laser coating apparatuses and direct heating of powder can reduce heat load on the base material. This allows for coating with low distortion, coating of thin layers, and coating of minute parts such as the tip of a drill.

A five-axis control automatic stage with three orthogonal linear axes, a tilting axis, and a rotary axis enables machining by tilting the object at various angles relative to the beam, achieving coating corners and edges.

In addition, the group developed a special powder supplier for stably supplying a tiny amount of powder to the multi-beam laser coating apparatus. Since this powder supplier monitors the amount of powder, the previously-set amount of powder is supplied by automatically controlling the opening and closing of the valve.

Muratani Machine Manufacture Co., Ltd. will add this apparatus to its laser machine ALPION series for sale from April 2019.

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