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Life Sciences & Medicine

Reading the Signs: Semaphorin Linked to Lung Cancer Treatment Resistance

Researchers at Osaka University have identified a protein that is involved in treatment resistance in lung cancer cells carrying a common cancer-related mutation

Osaka University researchers showed that high levels of the protein Semaphorin 7a are associated with resistance to treatment with EGFR-TKIs in lung a...

Life Sciences & Medicine

Mapping residual esophageal tumors—a glimpse into the future?

Researchers at Osaka University find that mapping esophageal tumors that remain after chemotherapy can predict long-term prognosis and direct personalized treatment plans

Esophageal cancer is the sixth most common cause of cancer-associated death and continues to have a very poor prognosis. Although tissue samples from ...


Proton scattering reveals the secrets of strongly-correlated proton-neutron pairs in atomic nuclei

An international team captures the tensor-force originated high-momentum proton-neutron pairs using proton scattering experiment

An international research collaboration including Osaka University has reported the first experimental evidence that the strongly correlated proton-ne...

Life Sciences & Medicine

New method for assessing response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy for esophageal cancer

Will lead to more accurate prediction of long-term survival and development of treatment strategies based on metabolic tumor volume


Give It the Plasma Treatment: Strong Adhesion without Adhesives

Researchers bond polymers to glass and metal by using surface chemistry rather than adhesives, opening doors to potential use in food production and medicine

A Japanese research team at Osaka University used plasma treatment to make fluoropolymers and silicone resin adhere without any adhesives. Heat-assist...

Natural Sciences

The secret adaptive power of photosynthetic complex I is finally revealed

An international team including researchers from Osaka University has explored the structure and function of photosynthetic complex I

An international team including researchers from Osaka University has solved the structure of photosynthetic complex I using cryo-electron microscopy....

Life Sciences & Medicine

Addressing expected challenges after resumption of HPV vaccination

Researchers present measures for reducing a risk of uterine cervical cancer that increased by the suspension of the Japanese government recommendation for the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination and for promoting HPV vaccination after its resumption

Researchers at Osaka University present measures for reducing a risk of uterine cervical cancer that increased by the suspension of the Japanese gover...


Enzyme’s Unfrozen Adventure: In crystallo protein thermodynamics

Researchers from Osaka University report using non-cryocooled crystals to determine conformational changes and thermodynamic properties in copper amine oxidase catalysis

Osaka University researchers and collaborators have reported the first in crystallo thermodynamic analysis of copper amine oxidase catalysis using a n...


Thermally conductive paper developed!


A world first: growth of functional oxides on layered substance that can be affixed to various materials

Will be applied to the development of smart windows


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