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New findings and research methods leading to elucidation of fertilization mechanism

A group of researchers clarified detailed structures of IZUMO1 and JUNO, which are directly involved in sperm-egg recognition in fertilization. It is ...


Some genes predominantly expressed in the testis are not related to fertility

Impetus given to an investigation into the cause of infertility via gene analyses using the latest genome editing technology

A group of researchers identified many genes which were expressed in the testis of humans and mice based on theses published in the past and database ...


Mouse models for examining the cause of metal allergy established, a world first

Will contribute to the development of prevention and treatment of metal allergy and the development of safe metal nanoparticles

A group of researchers clarified that metal allergy was not caused by metal ions themselves, but by exposure to metal ions, which formed aggregates/ag...


New hepatitis C virus mechanism elucidated

A step toward the development of new hepatitis C drugs

A group of researchers identified a new drug target capable of suppressing the propagation of the hepatitis C virus (HCV), improving HCV pathologic co...


Discovery of a new biological defense system to eliminate microbial pathogens

Will contribute to the prevention of and development of drugs for infectious diseases

A group of researchers discovered human receptors which detect the invasion of microbial pathogens and ascertained that they worked as a biological de...


Genetic cause for intellectual disability discovered

Towards the development of the diagnosis for psycho-motoric development disabilities of unknown origin

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