Highly efficient chemical manufacturing by using paper reactors

Highly efficient chemical manufacturing by using paper reactors

Will contribute to green sustainable chemical manufacturing

Dec 20, 2016

A group of researchers led by Specially Appointed Assistant professor KOGA Hirotaka at The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research and Associate Professor NISHINA Yuta at the Research Core for Interdisciplinary Sciences succeeded in synthesizing chemicals with high efficiency.

All useful chemicals such as medicines are synthesized by catalyst reaction. So the development of catalyst reactors with high reaction efficiency is an important issue in every aspect of resources, environment, and energy.

This group developed a catalyst-anchored ‘paper reactor’ made by catalyst-anchored plant fibers. By making interconnected micro- and nanoscale flow channels, which are derived from plant fiber networks, inside paper, this group succeeded in performing continuous-flow synthesis of intermediates for pharmaceuticals at a high efficiency, twofold or greater than that of conventional catalyst reactors. Furthermore, paper reactors can be easily made in the same way as producing paper. It is also possible to recycle them after use and reproduce paper reactors while maintaining high performance.

It is anticipated that this group’s achievements will make it possible to synthesize various chemicals with high efficiency. This meets the needs of society in recent years, such as those in saving energy and environmental harmony, and will greatly contribute to the realization of green sustainable chemical manufacturing.

Efficient continuous-flow synthesis of useful chemicals by using a paper reactor

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