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Efficient induction of vascular endothelial cells from human pluripotential stem cells (hPSCs) using extracellular matrix (ECM)s

A joint group of researchers succeeded in developing a method for efficient differentiation of functional vascular endothelial cells (ECs) from hPSCs ...


Peptide for inhibiting the function pf protein that may cause cancer infiltration and osteoporosis created

Will become an active region in designing new drugs

A group of researchers succeeded in obtaining plexin B1 (PlxnB1)-binding macrocyclic peptide, PB1m6. PlxnB1 is a semaphorin 4D (Sema4D) receptor, and ...


Successful development of specific antibodies to hepatocyte growth factor (HGF)

A step towards the clarification of molecular mechanism for HGF signaling

A group of researchers succeeded in creating monoclonal antibodies against Hepatocyte growth factor (HGF), which is deeply related to treatment of amy...


Calredoxin, a novel protein for promoting efficient photosynthesis

A key player behind the reduction of oxidative stress in photosynthetic organisms

A group of researchers reported on the structure and function of a novel protein named “Calredoxin.” Calredoxin binds calcium and catalyzes in depende...


Medium for delivering protein crystals with low damage discovered

A step toward the development of new drugs through crystal structure analysis of proteins

A joint group of researchers found that hyaluronic acid could be used as a medium for delivering protein crystals in Serial Femtosecond Crystallograph...


The discovery of a totally new kind of “mark” in human cell nucleus

Will lead to the clarification of mechanism of development of metabolism and cardiovascular disorder

A group of researchers verified the presence of Histone H4 lysine 20 acetylation (H4K20ac) by using mass spectrometry. H4K20ac is a mark of the cell n...


Repair full of mistakes may develop cancer!?

Molecular mechanism of repair of DNA damaged by radiation clarified

A group of researchers found that if DNA damage response (DDR) does not work when DNA is damaged by radiation, proteins which should be removed remain...


Developing New Therapeutics For Parkinson's Disease

Promotion of mitochondrial biogenesis by necdin protects neurons against mitochondrial insults

A group of researchers presented data which reveals that necdin promotes mitochondrial biogenesis through stabilization of endogenous PGC-1α to exert ...


Successful 1,000-fold enhancement of reaction velocity constants for proteins’ change into toxic substances

Will apply to early diagnosis, treatment, and risks associated with ultrasonic irradiation regarding Alzheimer’s disease

A group of researchers succeeded in increasing the velocity constant for a reaction in which proteins causing Alzheimer disease (AD) turn into toxic s...


Mass-production of proteins necessary for maintenance and proliferation of stem cells, the key to regenerative medicine, established

A new method for safe mass-production with no impurities

A group of researchers developed a new method for purifying and storing Wnts. This group’s achievement has enabled the preparation of Wnts in large a...

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