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Silver (Ag) nanoparticles distribution to breast milk and effects on baby mice analyzed

Will contribute to the development of safety evaluation of nanoparticles during lactation

A group of researchers clarified that Ag nanoparticles that are orally or intravascularly administered by mothers were distributed to breast milk and,...


Mouse models for examining the cause of metal allergy established, a world first

Will contribute to the development of prevention and treatment of metal allergy and the development of safe metal nanoparticles

A group of researchers clarified that metal allergy was not caused by metal ions themselves, but by exposure to metal ions, which formed aggregates/ag...


Elucidation of how abnormalities in intracellular protein trafficking interfere with higher brain functions

Will lead to the development of new therapeutic medicines for neuropsychiatric disorders

A group of researchers found the mechanism for regulating synaptic functions via intracellular protein trafficking and revealed that abnormalities in ...

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