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Neural circuits are predetermined by gene expression regulation during embryonic development

Proposal of a new molecular mechanism behind the selective formation of connections


High-resolution pH Imaging Elucidates Energy Mechanisms in Creating Bacterial Flagella

Osaka University researchers develop methods to detect pH in vivo, and elucidate phenomena driving protein export in biological activities


Novel insights into neuronal activity-dependent gene expression by CREB

New technology to clarify brain function at the single-molecule level

In a new study from Osaka University, researchers investigated how neuronal activity influences CREB dynamics. The findings provide novel insights int...


Mechanism of how genes are passed on to next generation clarified

Will lead to the development of anti-cancer agents for preventing abnormal gene transmission

A group of researchers clarified the mechanism behind formation of centromeres, molecular devices that play an important role in transmitting genes to...


Mechanism behind fatty liver elucidated

Autophagy suppression factor Rubicon causes lipid accumulation in the liver and hepatic disorder

A group of researchers clarified that increased expression of Rubicon in the liver caused fatty liver. This group demonstrated an acquired environment...


Osaka University and Eli Lilly and Company sign accord for joint research on innovative approach to prevent obesity

Osaka University and Eli Lilly and Company signed a research collaboration accord for an innovative approach to prevent obesity on August 25, 2016. In...


Discovery of unique 2D electronic state of topological Kondo insulators

A step towards energy saving in next-generation semiconductors and the realization of spintronic devices

A group of researchers developed technology for planarizing and purifying the surface of a single crystal of rare-earth ytterbium boride (YbB12) at an...


Structure of MotA molecule of the flagellar motor with torque comparable to Formula One engine elucidated

Will contribute to the design of artificial biological nanomachines, a dream technology

A research group clarified the 3D structure of a MotA molecule, one of the bacterial flagellar motor proteins, through image analysis using electronic...


Successful development of a method for efficiently delivering foreign DNA to living cells

Will contribute to gene therapy for curing cancer, hypertension, and diabetes

In cooperation with Osaka University, The Advanced ICT Research Institute has evaluated the efficiency of gene delivery to living cells by tracking th...


Functions of gene causing brain abnormality clarified

Development of autophagy-targeting therapeutic methods for preventing cancer and lifestyle-related diseases

A group of researchers clarified that INPP5E, a gene causing the congenital disorder Joubert syndrome, which manifests brain abnormality, controlled a...

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