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Android portrait of literary legend Natsume Soseki completed


Molecular dynamics of 2 dimensional glass clarified

Supercomputers clarify sound fluctuations with large amplitudes

A group of researchers discovered that enhanced fluctuations occurred in glass solids aligned on a two-dimensional (2D) plane by the same mechanism as...


Safe and inexpensive hydrogen production as a future energy source

Osaka University researchers develop efficient 'green' hydrogen production system that operates at room temperature in air


Accessing quantum memory using telecom photonic technology

A solution to a long-standing problem of secure quantum communication

A research group built an elemental quantum communication system including a cold Rb atomic ensemble based quantum memory, a single photon frequency c...


Discovery of features that heat conduction shares with acoustic resonance

Will enable measurements of thermal conductivity of very small specimens and improvement of heat-exchange efficiency

A group of researchers succeeded in observing unique modes of thermal diffusivity (thermal modes) of solids, a world first. This group’s achievement d...


Detection of the magnetoelectric (ME) effect induced by magnetic quadrupolar moments, a world first

An international group of researchers succeeded in verifying the magnetoelectric (ME) effect induced by a magnetic quadrupolar moments, or spin masses...


Advanced Memory Storage through Light-induced Switching of Antiferromagnetic Domains

International research team centered at Osaka University realizes breakthrough in antiferromagnetism control using laser irradiation

An international team of researchers centered at Osaka University has for the first time demonstrated optical control of antiferromagnetism. The resea...


AGEs involved in aging found to suppress the progress of dental caries

Will be helpful in detecting dental caries and systemic illness

A research group captured AGEs in dentine using fluorescence and clarified that AGEs influenced progression of caries in dentin, a world first. These ...


Metathesis reaction at 70°C achieved using new catalyst

Will improve energy efficiency in the industrial process

A group of researchers succeeded in generating super active olefin metathesis reactions by reduction of silica-supported tungsten oxide catalysts by s...


Challenging thermodynamics through regular tetrahedron spins

A new quantum state in breathing pyrochlore antiferromagnet observed

A group of researchers performed inelastic neutron scattering (INS) experiments of breathing pyrochlore antiferromagnet, a kind of geometrically frust...

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