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Life Sciences & Medicine

In vivo genome editing technique for directly treating intractable genetic diseases in tissues


Commercial production of methanol using biogas obtained from animal manures

Osaka University concludes partnership agreement with Okoppe Town in Hokkaido regarding the development and commercialization of biogas oxidation technique


LED-ing the way: a clean and convenient method to oxidize plastic surfaces for industry

Osaka University researchers successfully oxidize the surface of polypropylene using radical chemistry, in a non-polluting, LED-light-driven reaction with prospective uses in the plastics industry

A Japanese research team at Osaka University used chlorine dioxide to oxidize polypropylene. Under LED irradiation, ClO2• radicals attacked the methyl...

Life Sciences & Medicine

Automatic neurological disease diagnosis using deep learning

Analyzing brain waveforms using neuroimaging big data helps improve diagnosis accuracy

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