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Life Sciences & Medicine

Non-invasive microscopy detects activation state and distinguishes between cell types

Life Sciences & Medicine

When your microbiome and your genome aren’t a good combination

Researchers led by a team from Osaka University find a link between the gut microbiome, the host genome, and rheumatoid arthritis in Japanese patients

Research carried out by a team led by Osaka University has shown that various Prevotella species, along with several specific genes and biological pat...

Life Sciences & Medicine

Multi-tasking protein at the root of neuropathic pain

Researchers from Osaka University find that a protein with roles in neuron development and cell adhesion is also a key factor in pain sensitization

Neuropathic pain is a chronic condition resulting from nerve injury and is characterized by increased pain sensitivity. Although known to be associate...

Life Sciences & Medicine

Host factors that trigger differentiation of malaria Plasmodium clarified

Existing drugs could prevent malaria

Life Sciences & Medicine

Phosphorylation of Regnase-1 Lets IL-17 Run Amok

A research team led by Osaka University finds that blocking the phosphorylation of mRNA-degrading enzyme Regnase-1 helps prevent excessive inflammation caused by unruly cytokine IL-17

A research team led by Osaka University found that the cytokine interleukin (IL)-17 triggers the phosphorylation of mRNA-degrading enzyme Regnase-1, r...

Life Sciences & Medicine

COMMD3/8 protein complex: a potential drug target for treating inflammatory diseases

Researchers discover a molecule involved in immune cell migration that plays a critical role in establishing immune responses

Life Sciences & Medicine

Hematopoietic Stem Cells: Making Blood Thicker than Water

Researchers at Osaka University reveal how a regulatory molecule ensures an appropriate supply of blood cells while avoiding the excessive proliferation associated with conditions like leukemia

An Osaka University-led team revealed that Ragnase-1 is a key regulator of the self-renewal and differentiation of hematopoietic stem and progenitor c...

Life Sciences & Medicine

Pumping Iron Could Save Your Life

Researchers from Osaka University find that increased muscle mass improves your chances of responding favorably to cancer treatment

Researchers from Osaka University have found that sarcopenia, a condition characterized by decreased skeletal muscle mass, is strongly associated with...

Life Sciences & Medicine

Big Data Provides Clues for Characterizing Immunity in Japanese

An Osaka University-centered research team has performed fine-mapping of the key immunity-related part of the genome, revealing associations between gene variants and over 50 different phenotypes in the Japanese

Osaka University researchers used various sets of large-scale data to characterize the variation and phenotypic associations of an immunity-related ge...

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