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Researchers Put a New Spin on Molecular Oxygen

A multinational team led by researchers from Osaka University use experimental Kelvin probe force spectroscopy to alter the charge states on single oxygen atoms and achieve reversible conversion of oxygen atoms to molecular oxygen

Reactive molecular oxygen singlets have a multitude of uses in chemistry and medicine, but they are less abundant than non-reactive oxygen triplets. A...


Speeding up the journey towards clean energy through photocatalyst optimization

Researchers from Osaka University link the activity of water splitting catalysts to easy-to-measure parameters to enable rapid screening of clean energy generating materials

Osaka University researchers studied the photocatalytic activity of oxyhalide materials and were able to demonstrate a relationship between parameters...


Good Vibrations: Using Piezoelectricity to Ensure Hydrogen Sensor Sensitivity

Researchers at Osaka University develop a new process for producing palladium nanoparticles that are 12 times more sensitive to hydrogen than those made with previous methods

Researchers at Osaka University developed a new method that uses piezoelectric resonance to improve the manufacture of highly sensitive hydrogen senso...


Phase transformation by quenched-in compositional fluctuations in titanium alloys clarified

Will assist the development of biological and structural materials using diffusionless isothermal ω transformation


Shape shifting mirror opens a vista for the future

Japanese researchers develop a glue-free mirror that can be used in vacuum chambers

A team of researchers from JTEC Corporation and Osaka University developed a bimorph deformable mirror that allows for precise shape modification and ...


Designing antibody medicines using alanine substitutions

Will lead to the development of antibody drugs for treating cancer by enhancing antibody affinity by alanine substitutions that are used for analyzing functions of amino acid residues

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