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A close up on the real world — atomic migration under ambient conditions

Researchers from Osaka University take a closer look at electrostatically driven reactions at metal surfaces under atmospheric conditions

Osaka University researchers have reported an environmental transmission electron microscopy technique that has allowed in situ visualization of the a...

Life Sciences & Medicine

Breaking the Stroma Barrier: Study Shows a New Way to Hit Cancer with Radiation

Researchers at Osaka University test a new cancer treatment in mice that guides high-strength radiotherapy directly to pancreatic tumors

Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are commonly used to treat cancer, but are not always effective and can have toxic side effects. Researchers at Osa...

Life Sciences & Medicine

Metabolic regulation by adipose tissue via adiponectin and exosomes

Natural Sciences

Electron acceleration enhanced via laser-plasma interaction

Natural Sciences

Awajishima macaques: High social tolerance produces cooperative society


Structure-function relationship in Golgi as distribution station clarified


Nanocatalyst makes heavy work of formic acid

Researchers from Osaka University report an inexpensive and scalable route to hydrogen isotope compounds

Osaka University researchers have reported a nanocatalyst that is able to produce hydrogen isotope compounds D2 and HD via the heterogeneous dehydroge...


Mechanisms of respiratory enzyme activity in mitochondrial membrane unveiled

Life Sciences & Medicine

No defects found in reproductive ability of male mice returning from short stay in space

Male mice raised in space using specially developed cages were returned safely to Earth. The sperm production/fertilizing ability of the mice were nor...

Natural Sciences

Novel method for chemical reaction control by artificial metalloenzymes

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