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Natural Sciences

Cause of large slip of plate-boundary fault during the 2011 Tohoku-Oki earthquake clarified


Location is everything for plant cell differentiation

Researchers from Osaka University find that the location of proteins within a cell as well as the position of the cell itself are important for determining cell type in model plant Arabidopsis thaliana

During development, plant cell differentiation is guided by location rather than lineage. Now, researchers from Osaka University have shown that the a...


Dark matter turned out not to be primordial black holes!


Mystery of birth of massive binary: dynamics of forming two protostars elucidated with ALMA

Life Sciences & Medicine

Mechanism for FliL, a component protein of the flagellar motor, clarified

Researchers find that a stomatin-like protein regulates ion channels in bacteria and mammals

Natural Sciences

Magnetic separation and extraction of rare metals using pocket-sized magnet

Will allow for extraction of useful substances from natural resources and urban mining resources in a hazardless manner


Emergence and control of ultrafast, directional, dissipationless surface spin current

“Weak” topological insulator verified, a world first

Natural Sciences

High-Speed Surveillance in Solar Cells Catches Recombination Red-Handed

Researchers at Osaka University introduce a new time-resolved microscopy method that allows them to monitor the trajectories of fast-moving charged particles at unprecedented rates

Using synchronized lasers pulses, Osaka University researchers developed a new method of electrostatic force microscopy that can record movies with fr...

Natural Sciences

A Real Turn On: Evolutionary Rotation of Fly Genitalia Tied to Mating Success

Research at Osaka University on the angle of male flies’ genitalia suggests a cooperative evolution of body structure and behavior

Osaka University researchers sought evidence that developmental genital rotation of flies in the order Diptera evolved in correlation with a shift to ...

Life Sciences & Medicine

Keeping Chromosomes in Check: A New Role for Heterochromatin

A team led by researchers at Osaka University finds that extra-tight packaging of genomic material helps prevent large chromosomal rearrangements that can lead to cancer

Large changes in the structure of chromosomes are usually fatal for the cell or can lead to genetic diseases such as cancer. Many large chromosomal re...

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