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Mechanism of pairing of homologous chromosomes clarified

Will unravel causes of Down Syndrome and miscarriages attributable to chromosome segregation errors


Solving mystery of astronomical physics with ultra-small MeV gamma ray camera

Life Sciences & Medicine

Genomic cut and paste using a Class 1 CRISPR system

Japanese researchers led by Osaka University show that a Class 1 CRISPR gene editing system can achieve functional DNA repairs in human cells with no prominent off-target effects

Repairing faulty genes to prevent and cure disease is something researchers have been working towards for many years. While Class 2 CRISPR systems sho...


A trick for taming terahertz transmissions

Researchers at Osaka University invent a new receiver for terahertz-frequency radiation

Osaka University researchers have invented a wireless communication receiver that can operate in the terahertz frequency band. By increasing the sensi...

Life Sciences & Medicine

Doctor-initiated clinical trial begun for cell spray heart failure treatment method

A team of researchers at Osaka University Hospital developed a method of spraying mesenchymal stem cells onto the heart for the treatment of heart fai...


Fibrous artificial cells can be used as artificial cell catalysts

Life Sciences & Medicine

Protein defect leaves sperm chasing their tails

A team led by researchers from Osaka University identify a protein required for electrical signal sensing, which, when defective, causes sperm to swim in circles

A team led by researchers from Osaka University have characterized a protein, called VSP, that keeps sperm swimming in straight lines. Deletion of the...


Principle of size evolution: Close relationship between sexual maturation and body size

Life Sciences & Medicine

Seeing the world’s smallest universal joints

Researchers at Osaka University used electron cryomicroscopy to solve the structure of an essential component of the bacterial flagellum with unprecedented resolution

Researchers at Osaka University used electron cryomicroscopy to produce the most accurate images to date of the bacterial flagellar hook. This work ma...

Life Sciences & Medicine

Non-invasive microscopy detects activation state and distinguishes between cell types

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