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Speeding up the journey towards clean energy through photocatalyst optimization

Researchers from Osaka University link the activity of water splitting catalysts to easy-to-measure parameters to enable rapid screening of clean energy generating materials

Osaka University researchers studied the photocatalytic activity of oxyhalide materials and were able to demonstrate a relationship between parameters...

Life Sciences & Medicine

A Japan First! Osaka U Researcher to Receive Academic Prize at Cosmetic Victories 2019

Researcher in joint research group between Osaka University and Mandom Corporation wins prize at the world’s largest cosmetics cluster for proposing new concepts for next-generation antiperspirants


Using graphene and tiny droplets to detect stomach-cancer causing bacteria

Researchers create a graphene-based biosensor to detect stomach-cancer causing bacteria by using microfluidics to keep the reaction products from the bacteria close to the graphene sensing element

A Japan-based research team led by Osaka University used graphene and microfluidics to identify stomach-cancer causing bacteria by detecting chemical ...

Life Sciences & Medicine

Helping select the cells with the most potential

Through investigation of the so-called “Hippo pathway,” researchers at Osaka University have identified a key regulatory mechanism in the development of normal pluripotent embryonic cells

Little is known about the mechanisms by which mammalian cells grow and differentiate during the handful of days between fertilization of the egg and i...


Successful Construction of Artificial Cell Nuclei Inside of Fertilized Egg, A World First

One Part of the Cell Nuclei Structure Formation Mechanism Elucidated

Life Sciences & Medicine

A gut feeling: microbiome changes may mean early detection of colorectal cancer

Researchers reveal specific changes in the gut microbiota at different stages of colorectal cancer that may lead to important detection methods or further understanding of colorectal cancer development

Most sporadic colorectal cancers can develop over decades. Recent studies showed that the gut microbiome has possible diagnostic potential for health ...

Life Sciences & Medicine

Nuclear pore complex outer rings: no longer “one size fits all”

A team led by researchers from Osaka University and NICT finds that, contrary to popular belief, the outer rings of eukaryotic cell nuclear pore complexes are asymmetrical rather than perfectly identical

In eukaryotic cells, molecules can only move into or out of the nucleus through specialized channels called nuclear pore complexes (NPCs). Each NPC ha...

Natural Sciences

Applying pressure is way toward generating more electricity from waste heat

Researchers apply pressure to a thermoelectric material to better understand quantum phenomena and in doing so are able to increase the material's ability to produce electricity from waste heat by 100%

The ability of a thermoelectric material to produce electricity from waste heat was improved more than twofold by a Japan-based research team led by O...

Life Sciences & Medicine

Immunotherapy and Diabetes: A Game of Hide and Seek?

Researchers at Osaka University investigate a unique patient case to shed light on why some cancer patients taking immunotherapy end up with type 1 diabetes

Immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs) are emerging as an effective treatment for certain cancers, but in rare cases can cause autoimmune diseases. Resea...


Plot Twist: Straightening Single-Molecule Conductors Improves their Performance

Researchers at Osaka University synthesize and measure the electronic properties of an insulated molecular wire in both its flat and twisted conformations

Researchers at Osaka University synthesized nanowires made of a single molecule of oligothiophene up to 10 nanometers in length. By forcing the molecu...


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