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Life Sciences & Medicine

Safety of novel cancer-specific PET probe confirmed in clinical research

In first-in-human clinical studies, researchers at Osaka University confirmed the safety of F-18 NKO-035, a new PET probe that specifically binds to L...


Mystery of massive flare ejection in the universe clarified

Natural Sciences

Mechanism behind the hardness of plastic clarified

Life Sciences & Medicine

Simple N-terminal modification of proteins

Researchers from Osaka University report a straightforward approach to protein modification, providing a new tool for protein engineering

Osaka University researchers report efficient one-step modification of protein N termini using functional molecules containing 1H-1,2,3-triazole-4-car...


New strain gauge: 200-fold improvment of sensitivity

A big step toward health monitoring of building structures and biosignals


Utilizing relativistic effects for laser fusion: A new approach for clean power

Activating relativistic effects of intense laser light in plasma, researchers at Osaka University test a new method for achieving consistent nuclear fusion, which may lead to cheaper and emission-free energy production

Researchers at Osaka University studied a new approach for laser nuclear fusion utilizing relativistic phenomena of intense laser light. By irradiatin...

Life Sciences & Medicine

Successful transcatheter mitral valve repair that enhances postoperative recovery

Researchers at Osaka University succeed in Japan’s first beating-heart surgery to repair a mitral valve without using artificial heart lung apparatus....


Gigantic carbon clouds caught by ALMA telescope: environmental pollution in the early universe


Innovative whole-organ cell profiling method advances biological/medical research


Spin transfer in organic molecules: First step toward quantum operation using molecules


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