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Life Sciences & Medicine

Bright and Stable: New Acid-Tolerant Green Fluorescent Protein for Bioimaging

Osaka University researchers develop new green fluorescent protein that can withstand low pH environment for imaging of acidic organelles

Fluorescent proteins (FPs) are powerful tools for visualization of molecular and cellular processes; however, most FPs lose fluorescence at a pH lower...


Technique to allow AI to learn words in the flow of dialogue developed


Technique for forming few-layer molecular film for all types of substrates

Can be applied to flexible electronics

A group of researchers developed a new technique for forming few-layer molecular films, similar to self-assembled monolayers (SAMs), on plastic substr...


Walk This Way: A Better Way to Identify Gait Differences

Osaka University researchers design a gait recognition method that can overcome intra-subject variations by view differences

Human traits such as the face, voice, and gait are commonly used for biometric-based person recognition. Although gait is one of the most practical tr...


Monolayer/spheroid cell culture switching method using ureido polymer solution developed

A group of researchers developed a novel culture method using polymer molecules which allows for controlling the aggregation state in the cell culture...


Successful low temperature growth of high-quality metal oxide nanowires

Will lead to application to solar cells and lithium-ion batteries

A group of researchers developed a method for reducing the growth temperature in a vapor-liquid-solid (VLS) process of metal oxide nanowires. This met...


Control of light information in solid

Will make next-generation optical communication possible

A research group directly observed the Hall effect of excitons (exciton Hall effect, EHE), in monolayer molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) and valley-selecti...


Current sensing system with highest sensitivity developed

A group of researchers developed a highly sensitive current sensing system, enabling measurements of currents passing through microparticles, microorg...

Natural Sciences

A New Way to Produce Clean Hydrogen Fuel from Water Using Sunlight

Osaka University-led researchers develop new metal-free photocatalyst and show visible and near infrared light-driven production of hydrogen from water

Osaka University-centered researchers combined graphitic carbon nitride and black phosphorous to make a new metal-free composite photocatalyst capable...


Researchers Have a New Twist on Asymmetric Catalysis

The team of Osaka and Iwate Medical University efficiently developed new and highly pure screw-shaped molecules for use in drug synthesis

Researchers at Osaka and Iwate Medical University developed an efficient and simple chemical synthesis of a new kind of twisted helicene molecule cont...


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