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Bacterial flagellar motion consisting of spin and revolution

Physical principles behind this new top-like motion clarified

A group of researchers found that bacterial flagella show the filament motion consisted of two types of rotation: spin and revolution in experiments. ...


Ultra-low Noise Superconducting Nanowire Single-photon Detector (SSPD) for Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy (FCS) toward Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer Disease

A collaborative research group succeeded in developing a method to measure rotational diffusion of fluorescent molecules in solution. The capability o...


Electronic structure to open the door to development of next generation devices

Dawn of the era of "strong correlation spintronics" on a topological stage

A research group has begun research on development of matter with new functions by combining strong spin-orbit coupling of pre-existing matter such as...


Electron’s 1D metallic surface state observed for the first time

A step toward the prediction of properties of extremely-fine metal nanowires in next-generation semiconductors


Mouse Evolution Project reveals germline mutation rates and the long-term phenotypic effects of mutation accumulation

Mutant mice also born which will prove useful in development of treatment methods for various disorders

This group's achievements are thought to be important in considering the future risk of mutation in humans and in developing therapeutic methods for h...


New analysis method for schizophrenia based on network theory

Characterization by modular analysis using the relations between all areas in the brain


A method of early diagnosis for developmental disorder by measuring eye movement developed

Will lead to the implementation of proper care for developmental disorders in children

A group of researchers developed a user-friendly non-invasive system for precisely measuring children's eye movement. This group's discovery will be u...


Vulnerability to Nicotine Addiction Can Be Predicted by Eye Blink Rates

A group of researchers made the breakthrough discovery that individual differences in spontaneous eye blink rate can be explained by genetic variation...

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