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A technology for pressureless sinter joining for next-generation power semiconductors

Will add impetus for downsizing power converters at a low cost


Metal instability achieves energy-efficient nanotechnology

Osaka University and Italian researchers show their nanowire resonators can be used to miniaturize energy-efficient electronics


Osaka solar scientists rough up silicon panels to boost light capture

Osaka University research team modifies the surface texture of both the front and back of silicon solar cells to cheaply enhance light harvesting and boost power conversion efficiency

Osaka University scientists enhance conversion efficiency of crystalline Si solar cells by effectively preventing reflection loss, passivating a submi...


Image analysis and artificial intelligence (AI) will change dairy farming

Cow gait images allow early detection of serious diseases


Signature Analysis of Single Molecules using their Noise Signals generated by Nanoelectronics

Japanese researchers obtain unique noise signatures from single molecules interacting with carbon nanotube-based electronic devices

An Osaka University-led team reported that the noise signature generated by carbon nanotube-based nanoscale electronic devices was unique to single mo...


Solar Material for Producing Clean Hydrogen Fuel

Osaka University researchers create new material based on gold and black phosphorus to produce clean hydrogen fuel using the full spectrum of sunlight

A Japanese research team led by Osaka University developed a solar-active material for producing hydrogen fuel. The material is based on lanthanum tit...


Exploring the Conversion of Heat to Electricity in Single Molecules

Japanese team investigates how geometry affects electricity generation from heat by single-molecule devices

Researchers at Osaka University investigated the influence of the geometry of single-molecule devices on their ability to produce electricity from hea...


Photocatalyst makes hydrogen production 10 times more efficient

A group of Japanese researchers has developed a photocatalyst that increases hydrogen production tenfold


A good night’s sleep

Osaka University researchers use smartphones and machine learning to measure sleep patterns


Micro-RNA separation by nanopillars and nanoslits technique

Will lead to application to single cell analysis and nanopore sequencing

A group of researchers succeeded in separation of only microRNA (miRNA), which is thought to be a promising biomarker, from nucleic acids at the very ...

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