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Walk This Way: A Better Way to Identify Gait Differences

Osaka University researchers design a gait recognition method that can overcome intra-subject variations by view differences

Human traits such as the face, voice, and gait are commonly used for biometric-based person recognition. Although gait is one of the most practical tr...


Control of light information in solid

Will make next-generation optical communication possible

A research group directly observed the Hall effect of excitons (exciton Hall effect, EHE), in monolayer molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) and valley-selecti...


Current sensing system with highest sensitivity developed

A group of researchers developed a highly sensitive current sensing system, enabling measurements of currents passing through microparticles, microorg...


A New Way to Produce Clean Hydrogen Fuel from Water Using Sunlight

Osaka University-led researchers develop new metal-free photocatalyst and show visible and near infrared light-driven production of hydrogen from water

Osaka University-centered researchers combined graphitic carbon nitride and black phosphorous to make a new metal-free composite photocatalyst capable...


Researchers Have a New Twist on Asymmetric Catalysis

The team of Osaka and Iwate Medical University efficiently developed new and highly pure screw-shaped molecules for use in drug synthesis

Researchers at Osaka and Iwate Medical University developed an efficient and simple chemical synthesis of a new kind of twisted helicene molecule cont...


Seeing the Next Dimension of Computer Chips

Researchers image perfectly smooth side-surfaces of 3D silicon crystals with a scanning tunneling microscope, paving the way for smaller and faster computing devices

Japanese researchers used a scanning tunneling microscope to image the side-surfaces of 3D silicon crystals for the first time. The pictures, captured...


Highly accurate calculation method for electronic configurations of magnetic molecules will lead to the development of molecular spintronics devices

A group of researchers led by Osaka University, Mie University, and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, succeeded in developing a first principles ...


A technology for pressureless sinter joining for next-generation power semiconductors

Will add impetus for downsizing power converters at a low cost


Metal instability achieves energy-efficient nanotechnology

Osaka University and Italian researchers show their nanowire resonators can be used to miniaturize energy-efficient electronics


Osaka solar scientists rough up silicon panels to boost light capture

Osaka University research team modifies the surface texture of both the front and back of silicon solar cells to cheaply enhance light harvesting and boost power conversion efficiency

Osaka University scientists enhance conversion efficiency of crystalline Si solar cells by effectively preventing reflection loss, passivating a submi...

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