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Resilient Red Blood Cells Need Fuel to Adapt their Shape to the Environment

International researchers led by Osaka University build a microfluidic system to measure the resilience of red blood cells after constriction


Identification of Protein Crucial to Lymphatic System Development

Osaka University-led research team finds the protein Polydom/Svep1 (Polydom) is essential for developing a functioning lymphatic system


Efficiency of ion acceleration by lasers drastically increased

Will lead to applications in healthcare and non-destructive inspection

A group of researchers discovered a new method for accelerating particles by using laser beams, reducing the conversion efficiency (CE) of energy from...


Reaction mechanism of newborn jaundice clarified, a world first

Solution of long-standing mystery will lead to the development of treatment agents


Computer Simulation of Protein Synthesis Reveals Awesome Complexity of Cell Machinery

Osaka University-led researchers model protein production by system of 241 components based on E. coli bacteria


A hypothesis of big-bang nucleosynthesis denied

Mystery of big-bang nucleosynthesis further deepens

A group of researchers succeeded in measuring the cross section for the 7Be+n→4He+4He reaction, which is caused by big-bang nucleosynthesis. The nucle...


More virus infection, please

Osaka University scientists generate a new plasmid-based reverse genetics system for rotaviruses


Earth wind transported to the Moon

Successful direct observation of oxygen transported to the Moon by Earth wind

A joint group of researchers by using the Magnetic field and Plasma experiment/Plasma energy Angle and Composition experiment (MAP-PACE) on SELENE (S...


Using nature to build nanomachines

Osaka University scientists image individual units of nano-sized rotary machines in bacteria


Lifetime of surface modification of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) extended

Will expand applications of PTEF

A group of researchers succeeded in increasing the adhesion strength of PTFE by using atmospheric pressure plasma treatment under heating (heat-assist...

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