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Brain function partly replicated by nanomaterials

Molecular/carbon nanotube network devices enable artificial spiking neurons that mimic nerve impulse generation

Osaka University-centered researchers created extremely dense, random SWNT/POM network molecular neuromorphic devices, generating spontaneous spikes s...

Life Sciences & Medicine

Step-by-Step Account of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Development Revealed

Osaka University study provides crucial evidence for the pathophysiology of systemic lupus erythematosus

Osaka University researchers elucidated the pathophysiology of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), an autoimmune disorder that causes inflammation and...

Natural Sciences

Rays of hope for development of materials for 3D displays and medical applications

Osaka University scientists synthesize symmetry-based S- and X-shaped double hexahelicenes, enhancing their chiroptical performance

Scientists at Osaka University aligned two hexahelicenes in various orientations, theoretically examined, and proposed that S- and X-shaped double hex...

Life Sciences & Medicine

New approach to treating infectious diseases as an alternative to antibiotics

Osaka University scientists clarify how E.coli bacteria attach to human intestines

Osaka University-led researchers clarified how pathogenic E. coli bacteria attached to the host intestinal epithelium. They revealed that type IV pili...

Natural Sciences

Porous materials shed light on environmental purification

A joint group of researchers from Japan and Spain develop thermally and chemically durable organic frameworks with large surface area

An international collaboration between Osaka University, Japan, and the University of Castilla, Spain, developed stable single-crystalline porous hydr...

Life Sciences & Medicine

Key Protein Providing Defense Against “Jumping Genes” Identified

International study illuminates intricate piRNA pathway and transposon repression

International researchers revealed the crucial function of the protein HP1a for piRNA biogenesis, which is important for transposon silencing. Transpo...


Hope for New Catalysts with High Activity

Osaka University scientists elucidate the activation mechanism of nanoporous gold catalysts that make carbon monoxide (CO) harmless

Osaka University scientists elucidated the activation mechanism of NPG catalysts that made poisonous CO gas harmless....

Life Sciences & Medicine

Rethinking Existing Method Opens New Doors for Cancer Diagnostics

Osaka University researchers successfully use single-molecule sequencing method to investigate fluid dynamics of a single DNA molecule in solution

Osaka University researchers overcame limitations of current DNA sequencers by using current-tunneling measurements to measure the base sequence and q...

Life Sciences & Medicine

Competition for space: oncogenic mutant cells vs normal cells

Osaka University-led researchers reveal the mechanism behind space expansion of oncogenic mutant cells

Osaka University-led researchers discovered how oncogenic mutant cells selectively expand into surrounding normal tissues and occupy them based on pre...

Natural Sciences

Ratchet Up the Pressure: Molecular Machine Exploits Motion in a Single Direction

Osaka University-led researchers invent “ratchet-like molecular machine,” where a chemical reaction is coupled with unidirectional movement, as a possible component for molecular motors

A Japanese research team led by Osaka University developed a “ratchet-like molecular machine,” which promotes uni-directional molecular motion during ...


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