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Life Sciences & Medicine

Simple 3D glasses show a positive effect on dental education

Researchers show that 3D glasses are effective at teaching the spatial intricacies of the mouth to dental students

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Novel Small Antibody Fragment: A Valuable Tool in Crystallography

Osaka University researchers create new chimeric antibody fragment to aid structural determination of “uncrystallizable” target protein

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Proteins keep a grip on cells

Japanese scientists at Osaka University have revealed new structural information on the integrin-laminin interaction

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Mixing and matching yeast DNA

Osaka University scientists show molecular factors that determine why some regions in yeast chromosomes are apt for remodeling, while other regions stay faithful during cell replication.

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A technology for pressureless sinter joining for next-generation power semiconductors

Will add impetus for downsizing power converters at a low cost

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Superior pathological diagnosis using transparent tissues

RIKEN Quantitative Biology Center and Osaka University researchers show CUBIC, a tissue clearing and 3D imaging technique, makes human organs transparent to improve pathology diagnosis

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A new genetic marker for schizophrenia

Japanese scientists find a rare genetic variant that shows strong association with schizophrenia


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