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Life Sciences & Medicine

Simple 3D glasses show a positive effect on dental education

Researchers show that 3D glasses are effective at teaching the spatial intricacies of the mouth to dental students

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Resilient Red Blood Cells Need Fuel to Adapt their Shape to the Environment

International researchers led by Osaka University build a microfluidic system to measure the resilience of red blood cells after constriction

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Identification of Protein Crucial to Lymphatic System Development

Osaka University-led research team finds the protein Polydom/Svep1 (Polydom) is essential for developing a functioning lymphatic system

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Efficiency of ion acceleration by lasers drastically increased

Will lead to applications in healthcare and non-destructive inspection

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Japanese Researchers Make Breakthrough in Antioxidant Enzyme Linked to Jaundice

Solution of long-standing mystery will lead to the development of treatment agents

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Computer Simulation of Protein Synthesis Reveals Awesome Complexity of Cell Machinery

Osaka University-led researchers model protein production by system of 241 components based on E. coli bacteria


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