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Life Sciences & Medicine

Growing Organs a Few Ink Drops at a Time

Osaka University researchers refine method of making bio-ink droplets stick to each other, enabling 3D printing of highly complex biological structures with a wide variety of cell types using inkjet printers


Experiments of 5th generation wireless systems conducted in a large football stadium

Millimeter-wave communication system using radio over fiber

A group of researchers conducted experiments of 5th generation wireless systems (5G) using millimeter-wave (mm-wave) technique at the Suita City Footb...

Natural Sciences

Osaka University Rolls the Dice on Perovskite Interfaces

Osaka University-led researchers develop a Bayesian probability-based computer program to help work out the structure of perovskite oxides at their interfaces

Osaka University-led researchers developed a robust Monte Carlo-based refinement computerized approach to precisely and accurately model perovskite ox...


New development in projection mapping technology

Automatic positioning technique that does not require special pattern projection and measurement by cameras

A group of researchers succeeded in developing two types of position estimation techniques for a laser projector. The use of the techniques developed ...

Natural Sciences

Physicists Achieve Rapid Magnetic Switching with Lasers

Osaka University-led research shows control over composition of ferrimagnetic materials offers new ways of switching their magnetism

An Osaka University-led research group use an advanced synchrotron measurement system to probe how laser pulses affect the magnetism of ferrimagnetic ...

Natural Sciences

Solution to Mysterious Behavior of Supercooled Water

Osaka University-led researchers characterize the unexplained diffusion and viscosity behavior of supercooled water with new, highly accurate computer simulations

Japan-based researchers developed a model to explain mysterious deviation breakdown from of StokesEinstein–EinsteinStokes relationshipdiffusion behavi...

Natural Sciences

Spin transport in germanium-based electronic devices at room temperatures demonstrated

A step toward next-generation semiconductor devices

A joint group of researchers demonstrated spin transport in Ge-based micro devices. This group achieved this through the use of Ge-based spintronics d...

Natural Sciences

Ultra-energy-efficient magnetic memory by controlling the shapes of atoms

A research group led by Osaka University discovered a new principle to realize ultra-energy-efficient magnetic memory by electrically controlling the shapes of atoms


Control of Material Crystallization by Agitation

Research team finds that oscillation of materials at a specific frequency markedly accelerates their crystallization

An Osaka University team found that oscillation of small particles in solution at a certain frequency accelerated their transition from a disordered a...

Natural Sciences

Spin transport in germanium, a material for next-generation semiconductor, elucidated

A step toward high-speed low-energy consumption of semiconductors

A joint group of researchers clarified details of spin scattering in spin current transport in germanium (Ge), which is anticipated as a next-generati...

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