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Gender roles in ancient times

Japanese scientists show how the expression of a single gene, doublesex1, in the embryo of the ancient crustacean Daphnia magna determines the growth of gender-specific traits

Two new studies by Osaka University researchers provide insights on why male and female bodies of the same species differ. The studies show factors th...


Osaka University Chemists Unlock the Potential of Fluoroalkenes

Osaka University-led researchers master chemical transformation of fluoroalkenes, paving the way for new pharmaceuticals and advanced materials

Osaka University-led chemists developed a copper-catalyzed reaction for replacing fluorine atoms with an easily transformable boronate group on polyfl...


Proliferation and breeding methods of drought-resistant jojoba developed


Real-time imaging of internal grain motion with high-speed MRI

A group of researchers succeeded in real-time observation of incoherent particle motion in granular beds, which is usually difficult to see. This grou...


Molten cesium iodide spread out the surface of uranium dioxide

Step toward clarification of release behavior of radioactive materials from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant


Physicists Achieve Rapid Magnetic Switching with Lasers

Osaka University-led research shows control over composition of ferrimagnetic materials offers new ways of switching their magnetism

An Osaka University-led research group use an advanced synchrotron measurement system to probe how laser pulses affect the magnetism of ferrimagnetic ...


Osaka University Researchers Make the Slipperiest Surfaces Adhesive

Osaka University-led research team develops new way to make non-stick fluoropolymers adhesive using heat and plasma

Osaka University-led research team develops new way of processing the non-stick fluoropolymers, PTFE. A heating element is added to a plasma chamber f...


Osaka chemists build new chemical structures on unreactive bonds

Osaka University research team develops new synthetic tool for building complex carbon frameworks by reacting strong carbon-fluorine bonds

Osaka University organic chemists transform strong carbon fluorine bonds into crowded quaternary carbon centers with cobalt catalyzed Grignard chemist...


Nickel-catalyzed molecular transformation technology allows rapid synthesis of chiral cyclic skeletons in natural products and drug molecules

A group of researchers developed two-step molecular transformation technology of hydronaphtho[1,8-bc]furan scaffolds from phenols, mass-produced indus...


Ammonia combustion technology for reducing CO2 emission in industrial furnaces developed

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