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Breaking the Chain: Catalyzing a Green Future for Chemistry

Osaka University researchers create catalyst for refining chemicals in plant waste, allowing a green way to produce valuable raw materials

A Japanese research team from Osaka University developed “green” catalysis for creating valuable chemicals from plant waste. By reacting a catalyst wi...


Additive manufacturing (3D printing) with blue direct diode laser developed, a world first!

Will be applied to processing of parts required in various industries

A group of researchers developed the world's first additive manufacturing system (3D printer) for pure copper with high-brightness blue semiconductor ...

Natural Sciences

Osaka University Rolls the Dice on Perovskite Interfaces

Osaka University-led researchers develop a Bayesian probability-based computer program to help work out the structure of perovskite oxides at their interfaces

Osaka University-led researchers developed a robust Monte Carlo-based refinement computerized approach to precisely and accurately model perovskite ox...


Osaka University Chemists Unlock the Potential of Fluoroalkenes

Osaka University-led researchers master chemical transformation of fluoroalkenes, paving the way for new pharmaceuticals and advanced materials

Osaka University-led chemists developed a copper-catalyzed reaction for replacing fluorine atoms with an easily transformable boronate group on polyfl...


New mutations in iPS cells are mainly concentrated in non-transcriptional regions

Life Sciences & Medicine

Hands-on oral cavity model DENTACT

Will close information gap for visually impaired individuals

A group of researchers developed the oral cavity model DENTACT (a dental information system with tactile illustrations and braille explanation) which...

Life Sciences & Medicine

Japanese researchers find why Alzheimer’s drugs work in the lab but not in patients


Control of light information in solid

Will make next-generation optical communication possible

A research group directly observed the Hall effect of excitons (exciton Hall effect, EHE), in monolayer molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) and valley-selecti...


Current sensing system with highest sensitivity developed

A group of researchers developed a highly sensitive current sensing system, enabling measurements of currents passing through microparticles, microorg...

Life Sciences & Medicine

Proliferation and breeding methods of drought-resistant jojoba developed

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