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New process to increase semiconductor productivity using EUV lithography developed

A group of researchers succeeded in developing a new method for drastically improving processing of resist materials used for semiconductor fabricatio...


Highly efficient chemical manufacturing by using paper reactors

Will contribute to green sustainable chemical manufacturing

A group of researchers succeeded in synthesizing chemicals with high efficiency by developing a catalyst-anchored ‘paper reactor’ made by catalyst-anc...


Bright luminescent proteins capable of detecting single molecules developed

New sensitive measurement technology of life phenomena


Discovery of materials to selectively intercalate heavy metals in solid state

A step forward to the development of new methods for recovering metals from electronic devices

A group of researchers discovered that titanium layered compounds could selectively intercalate heavy metals such as cadmium at low temperatures. It i...


Precise Inactivation of Neural Messenger Receptor Wipes Out Fear Memory in Mice

Research combines antibody precision with toxic oxygen burst to inactivate neural protein and temporarily abolish fear memory in mice


Successful single-shot readout of multiple two-electron spin states

A step toward high-speed and high-capacity spin-based information processing

A group of researchers succeeded in single-shot readout of three states that two electrons in a QD could have. This will become a guideline for resear...


AI and Folk Duo WARAINAKI have composed a Red Feather campaign song

A song composed by AI and artists


Quality of sleep easily quantifiable by applying cool gel sheet to the forehead

Real-time monitoring of brain waves over the internet to become a reality

In a joint research project, it was confirmed that it was possible to perform wireless measurement of brain waves during sleep simply by letting a sub...


Manufacturing time of breath sensors drastically reduced

Will lead to checkup and early detection of serious diseases by examining breath

A group of researchers succeeded in producing nanostructured gas sensor devices for detecting volatile organic compounds (VOC) in breath for the purpo...


Successful development of flexible amplifier circuit sheets with biocompatible gel electrodes

In vivo measurement of small action potential achieved

A group of researchers succeeded in developing a flexible organic amplifier circuit sheet with biocompatible gel electrodes. The new gel material deve...

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