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Oddly shaped immune cells cause fibrosis

Scientists report new group of monocytes, named SatM, a new drug target for an ailment that has little effective therapies

Scientists at the Immunology Frontier Research Center (IFReC) at Osaka University, Japan, report a new group of monocytes they call SatM. Studies in m...


Interleukin-1α causes people to choke on air

Researchers have pinpointed specific molecular events that could explain allergic reactions to air pollution

Scientists at the Immunology Frontier Research Center (IFReC) at Osaka University, Japan have pinpointed a specific molecular events that could explai...


Preventing too much immunity

Scientists report a new molecular mechanism that could explain the cause of some autoimmune diseases


Mechanism behind diurnal variations in immune response by sympathetic nervous system elucidated

Vaccination during periods of strong immune response is effective

A group of researchers clarified how the sympathetic nerve system generated diurnal variations in immune responses. The understanding of diurnal varia...


New Insights into Cause of Phantom Limb Pain May Have Therapeutic Benefits

Link with sensorimotor cortical plasticity revealed

Researchers based at Osaka University reported on their use of brain–machine interface (BMI) training with a robotic hand on 10 phantom limb patients ...


Discovery of Arid5a, a molecule that exasperates septic shock

Will lead to the inhibition of shock caused by bacterial infection

A research group revealed that one of the RNA-binding proteins, AT-rich interactive domain 5a (Arid5a) accelerates symptoms of septic shock. These res...


Successful development of exosome purification method

Will create innovation in early diagnosis of cancers and other diseases and assessment of therapeutic efficacy of drugs

A group of researchers succeeded in developing a novel method for EV purification that is easy and reproducible. It is expected that this will bring a...


Anti-inflammatory effects of thalidomide derivatives elucidated

Will lead to application to inflammatory disorders such as rheumatism

A research group revealed an inhibitory mechanism of thalidomide on inflammatory immune responses. This study will give a hint of how thalidomide is e...


Intravital imaging of bone dissolving cell function achieved

Observation of osteoclasts made possible

A group of researchers produced fluorescent probes for visualizing a site where osteoclasts were actually dissolving the bone, succeeding in evaluatio...


Mechanism for inducing memory B cell differentiation elucidated

Efficient induction of immune cells that remember antigens will lead to the development of new vaccines

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