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Majority of planets outside the solar system found to be Neptune-mass planets

An important step to the clarification of formation process of planets

A group of researchers discovered that of extrasolar planets, of ice planets in particular, the majority of planets were the mass of Neptune (which is...


Discovery of the complexity of the quark, a fundamental constituent of matter

Formulation of a chaos index in movement of

A group of researchers succeeded in calculating a chaos index for dynamics of generic quantum field theories, a world first. It is hoped that this stu...


Magnetic separation of all existing materials verified

A wide range of applications, including recycling at home, is possible

A group of researchers verified that heterogeneous particles can be sorted by substance by the low field produced by neodymium (NdFeB) magnets. It is ...


Successful enhancement of thermoelectric conversion rate by suppressing polar lattice distortion

A step toward thermoelectric materials based on a novel principle

A group of researchers discovered a rare conductive chemical compound which showed a “ferroelectric”-like transition at room temperature and clarified...


Coating materials with self-healing ability developed

Will lead to commercialization of materials for various products such as coating for cars and hemostatic sheets

A group of researchers developed a self-healing material based on a new design principle. The guidelines for designing this material can be applied to...


Presence of amorphous ultrafine particles shows fault activity within 1,000 years

Will become a new method for assessing fault activity

A group of researchers focused on amorphous ultrafine particles in faults to examine their dissolution rate, proposing a new method using a proxy for...


Technology for quick 3D structure determination of membrane proteins developed

SACLA’s new technology accelerates designing new drugs

A joint group of researchers succeeded in developing technology for quickly determining membrane protein structures by using the SACLA at the XFEL fac...


Mechanism behind suppression of chromosome abnormality by homologous recombination (HR) enzyme Rad51

A step toward the development of drugs for treating breast cancer

A group of researchers clarified that the onset of chromosome abnormality mediated by crossover recombination caused by Mus81 could be prevented if ho...


How colossal thermoelectric effect arises in iron compounds elucidated

Clear guiding principle for designing thermoelectric conversion elements demonstrating high performance at low temperatures

A group of researchers clarified how the colossal thermoelectric effect of the iron compound FeSb2 at low temperatures arose, advocating new guideline...


Discovery of unique 2D electronic state of topological Kondo insulators

A step towards energy saving in next-generation semiconductors and the realization of spintronic devices

A group of researchers developed technology for planarizing and purifying the surface of a single crystal of rare-earth ytterbium boride (YbB12) at an...


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