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Scrapping excessive neural connection helps build new connections

Possible self-organizing mechanism of neuronal network formation

Researchers found that neural activity that retracts excessive early innervation in a certain pathway helps make late neural connections in a differen...


Identification of autophagy-dependent secretion machinery

A novel potential for therapeutic approach

A group of researchers identified a molecular machinery by which autophagy mediates secretion. These results underscore an important role of autophagy...


The importance of the glutamine metabolism in colon cancer

A deft role for survival of cancer


Discovery of protein that strengthens pain signaling

A step toward the development of new treatment for managing chronic pain

A group of researchers discovered that protein Netrin-4 secreted from dorsal horn interneurons in the spinal cord increased pain. It is hoped that epo...


Role of Molecular Modification in Determining Physical Activity Levels Revealed

Will lead to further understanding of how physical activity is regulated at the cellular level in the nervous system

Osaka University-led researchers showed that RNA editing of the molecule CAPS1 is associated with increased dense core vesicle exocytosis, the mechani...


Genes and the Environment Equally Affect Language-related Brain Activity


Improving depression using a journal app to support family caregivers

MiMaMo Mate, an app to support families of patients with depression, developed

A group of researchers developed MiMaMo Mate, an online journal app to support families of patients with depression. This study’s results shows that M...


Metabolite that promotes cancer cell transformation and colorectal cancer spread identified

Metabolite found that makes colorectal cancer cells more invasive and increases likelihood of spread to distant organs

A group of researchers discovered that the oncometabolite D-2HG produced in cancer cells promoted cancer metastasis. The results of the study by this ...


Public-access defibrillation increases the survival in patients with cardiac arrest in Japan

A group of researchers verified that the number of cardiac arrest survivors by the use of AED by bystanders has increased. This study verified that th...


New Insights into Cause of Phantom Limb Pain May Have Therapeutic Benefits

Link with sensorimotor cortical plasticity revealed

Researchers based at Osaka University reported on their use of brain–machine interface (BMI) training with a robotic hand on 10 phantom limb patients ...


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