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Where does an order to correct motor errors come from?

Brain mechanism behind trial-by-trial adaptation in reaching movements

A group of researchers clarified that information about direction and size of errors in reaching movements appeared in the motor cortex. The results i...


How chemotactic cells extend response range

Part of mechanism behind how organisms adapt to environment elucidated

A group of researchers discovered G protein-interacting protein 1 Gip1, a factor regulating response range in chemotaxis. It was found that this facto...


Why people are fooled by magic tricks scientifically elucidated, a world first

Magicians deceive their audience by utilizing their blinking

A group of researchers clarified that during a magic trick, a magician used techniques for doing magic tricks timed to spontaneous eye-blinks synchron...


Structure of protein secretion device of germs clarified at the atomic level

Origin of ATPases are hair and venomous needle?


In vitro reproduction of long-lasting effects of stress on memory

Will lead to the development of therapeutic and preventive methods of stress-induced memory defects

A group of researchers reproduced the same phenomenon as memory consolidation by using organotypic slice cultures of the cerebral cortex and elucidate...

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