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Method of the consecutive formation of bonds of 4 components

Can control organic catalyst reactions by using catalysts differently

A group of researchers developed a method of the consecutive formation of bonds of two butadiene, alkyl groups, and benzene rings by using cheap nicke...


True chemical reactions supporting life phenomena elucidated

Control of enzymes responsible for nitrogen cycling on Earth realized with technologies of SACLA and SPring-8

A group of researchers using abnormal scattering effects of copper, identified the completely oxidized structures of copper-containing nitrite reducta...


Anomalous sinking of spheres in apparently fixed powder beds discovered

Will improve technologies for recycling waste

A group of researchers examined the state of the surface of apparently fixed powder beds in which air weak enough not to move the powder is injected, ...


A technique enabling fluorine-containing resin to adhere strongly to a metal film without using adhesive

Joint development by Osaka University, Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd. and NOF Corporation will accelerate practical use

A joint group of researchers are going to put a technique enabling metal to adhere strongly to the surface of a flat fluorine-containing resin into pr...


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