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Successful observation of band transport with excellent electrical performance from defective graphene oxides

A step toward the scalable production of highly crystalline graphene thin films

A group of researchers succeeded in drastically increasing the crystallinity of GO by promoting the restoration of defective structures in thermal red...


Iron atomic arrangement quickly changes under super-high pressure by power laser

A step toward the realization of material factories at conditions of deep planetary interiors

A group of researchers produced super high pressure conditions close to what was found in the earth’s core, verifying that iron crystal structures dra...


Recognition mechanism behind fertilization of sperm membrane protein IZUMO1 and its counterpart oocyte receptor JUNO clarified


Intravital imaging of bone dissolving cell function achieved

Observation of osteoclasts made possible

A group of researchers produced fluorescent probes for visualizing a site where osteoclasts were actually dissolving the bone, succeeding in evaluatio...


An insulator instantly turned into a fluid metal by high-power laser irradiation

Will lead to the clarification of internal structure of huge planets and smarter laser processing

In a joint research project, a group of researchers clarified that an insulation compound immediately turned into a fluid metal at a super high pressu...


Structural changes in taste receptors in the first stage of taste perception discovered

A group of researchers clarified that extracellular regions of taste receptor proteins, which serve as a sensor of taste substances in the mouth, stru...


Successful formation of X-ray nanobeam capable of controlling beam size, a world-first

A step toward the realization of a multi-functional X-ray microscope

A group of researchers succeeded in developing high-resolution deformable mirrors for X-rays and controlling the focusing spot size of an X-ray beam, ...


Light freely bends and expands on a flat reflector

New technology applicable to reflective optical devices such as smart glasses

A group of researchers found that the optical phrase reflected from cholesteric liquid crystal changed depending on the helical phase, developing a te...


New thermally activated delayed fluorescence (TADF) materials developed

3 times the efficiency! Will lead to the development of light, flexible, high-contrast lighting


New chemically-ordered structures at ceramic grain boundaries found

New guidelines for developing high-quality ceramic materials

A group of researchers clarified the atomic structure of Y segregation in ZrO grain boundaries by using a scanning transmission electron microscope (...

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