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Activation mechanism for Toll-like Receptor 7 (TLR7) that provokes innate immune responses clarified

Will be helpful for designing anti-allergy agents targeting TLR7

A group of researchers clarified the detailed 3D structure of Toll-like receptor 7 (TLR7), which activates the innate immune system by recognizing mic...


Simultaneous Measurements of Brain Activities with MEG

Discovery of brain activities during face-to-face interactions between mothers and their children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

A group of researchers examined brain activities during face-to-face interactions between mothers and their children with autism spectrum disorder (AS...


A checker for evaluating red blood cell (RBC) deformability at the highest level developed

Will be useful for evaluating the risk of cardiac and cerebral infarcts

A group of researchers developed an RBC deformability checker containing a microfluidic channel boasting the world’s highest-level correlation value, ...


Successful detection and control of the Kondo effect by using spin current

Will lead to the clarification of condensed matter physics opened by spintronics

A research group succeeded in detecting the Kondo effect in dilute magnetic alloys via the conduction of spin current in micro spin devices using high...


Intracellular imaging of fatty acids by scanning X-ray fluorescence microscopy

Visualization of intracellular localization of fatty acids clarifies changes in lipid metabolism

A joint research group developed a method for labeling fatty acids with bromine (Br) and applied scanning X-ray fluorescence microscopy (SXFM) at the ...


Visualization of the behavior of sugar transport proteins

Mechanism for developing type II diabetes elucidated

A group of researchers clarified the role of a N-glycan chain on glucose transporter type 4 (GLUT4) by developing a method for visualizing intracellul...


Local heavy rainfall prediction using cutting-edge weather radar and K supercomputer

Realization of big data assimilation leading to weather forecast revolution

An international joint group of researchers developed a local heavy rainfall forecast method by using the most-advanced weather radar and a K supercom...


Magma behavior under extreme conditions elucidated in laser high-pressure experiments

A group of researchers obtained results showing that magma consisting of forsterite, a primary mineral found in the interiors of terrestrial planets a...


Time for exploring materials for next-generation solar cells significantly shortened

Practical use of next-generation solar cells accelerated by statistics and high-speed evaluation technique

A group of researchers developed a new technique for quickly evaluating the performance of hole transfer materials for transferring generated holes to...


Potatoes not containing toxic compounds

Sprouting can also be controlled

A group of researchers identified Potato Glycoalkaloid Biosynthesis1 (PGA1) and PGA2. These two genes are related to biosynthesis of steroidal glycoal...

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