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The inner core of the Earth is 700 million years old?

Successful measurement of electrical conductivity of iron under the conditions of the Earth’s inner core

A group of researchers measured the electrical conductivity of iron, the major component of the inner core of the earth, under high-pressure and high-...


Crystal structures of superconductors at -70 degrees C clarified, a world first

A big step toward the realization of room-temperature superconductors

A group of researchers clarified the crystal structure of the superconductivity phase of hydrogen sulfide at the high-temperature of 203 degrees K (mi...


Drugs to be available at moderate prices

Super-effective drug synthesis method established

A group of researchers succeeded in synthesizing optically active organic compounds, the basic skeleton of drugs and functional materials. This achiev...


Observation of two-photon interference by photons of different colors

A new milestone toward a large-scale quantum information processing

A research group built a distinct nonlinear optical element working as a photon splitter in optical frequency domain and observed, for the first time,...


Conversational systems based on research regarding communication with robots developed

New technology can be used in human-robot as well as interpersonal communication

A research group developed three types of conversational systems for communication between humans and robots....


Two huge square-shaped stones at Osaka Castle Ote-mon Gate found to have been a single large stone

A step toward the clarification of stone wall building methods and quarries

A group of researchers developed an automatic joint method for obtaining a fine-tuned integrated whole by matching surface contours of two stones afte...


Hydrogen sulfide leading to the clarification of high-temperature superconductivity found

A step forward to the solution of environmental and energy problems using superconductivity

A group of researchers predicted a new superconductivity phase of hydrogen sulfide, which was presented at a pressure of 110 Gpa on computer simulatio...


Successful development of body extension projection mapping technology for the use in everyday space

Touch-screen terminal-operable projected magic hands

A group of researchers developed “body extension technology” which can be applied to everyday situations by making projection mapping of computer grap...


Successful 1,000-fold enhancement of reaction velocity constants for proteins’ change into toxic substances

Will apply to early diagnosis, treatment, and risks associated with ultrasonic irradiation regarding Alzheimer’s disease

A group of researchers succeeded in increasing the velocity constant for a reaction in which proteins causing Alzheimer disease (AD) turn into toxic s...

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