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First transplantation using skeletal myoblast sheets for treating ischemic cardiomyopathy performed

Will promote regenerative medicine for severe heart failure patients

The Department of Cardiovascular Surgery conducted the first transplantation of autologous skeletal muscle-derived cell sheets, which was covered by g...


Involvement of non-classical HLA genes in rheumatoid arthritis clarified

A risk of development of HLA-DOA genes identified through HLA imputation

An international joint research group clarified that HLA-DOA, a non-classical human leukocyte antigen (HLA) gene, was involved in the onset of rheumat...


Long-time Television Viewers have Higher Risk of Fatal Pulmonary Embolism

A team of researchers found that prolonged television viewing was associated with an increased risk of pulmonary embolism death among Japanese. This i...


Suspension of encouragement of HPV vaccinations will cause disparities in the incidence of HPV infection, depending on year of birth

A group of researchers calculated the risk of HPV 16/18 infection in Japanese women at 20 years of age born between 1993 and 2008 according to their y...


Lipid absorption mechanism by protein TTC39B clarified

A step forward to the development of innovative drugs for arterial sclerosis and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH)

A group of researchers, by using mice models of NASH and arterial sclerosis, clarified that when the function of protein TTC39B was inhibited, the abs...


Elucidating the mechanism of pathogenesis by chromosome duplication for neurodevelopmental disorders

Shedding light on new treatments for neurodevelopmental disorders like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

A group of researchers was the first in the world to discover the neurodevelopmental disorder-causing molecule micro RNA-484 (miR-484) produced by the...


Functions of gene causing brain abnormality clarified

Development of autophagy-targeting therapeutic methods for preventing cancer and lifestyle-related diseases

A group of researchers clarified that INPP5E, a gene causing the congenital disorder Joubert syndrome, which manifests brain abnormality, controlled a...


Adverse effects of cannabis scientifically verified, a world first

Cannabinoid, an active substance of cannabis, destroys neuronal circuits

A group of researchers clarified that multiple mechanisms were involved in the formation of neuronal circuits in the cerebral cortex. This group also ...


Study Identifies Molecule that Limits Excessive Expansion of Heart Muscle Cells

Identified protein that stops heart muscle cells from increasing in size when the heart is under stress

A new study has provided a major advance in this field by identifying the protein Btg2 as a global regulator of RNA within cardiomyocytes. By performi...


Proteins promoting pancreatic and lung cancers with a high mortality rate discovered

A light shed on diagnostic drugs for early detection and the development of effective treatment methods

A group of researchers clarified that binding of Dkk1 to CKAP4 in pancreatic and lung cancers promoted cancer cell proliferation. This group found hig...

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