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High-resolution pH Imaging Elucidates Energy Mechanisms in Creating Bacterial Flagella

Osaka University researchers develop methods to detect pH in vivo, and elucidate phenomena driving protein export in biological activities


Calcium Aids Chromosome Condensation Prior to Cell Division

Research reveals role for calcium ions in chromosome condensation during mitosis


Successful single-shot readout of multiple two-electron spin states

A step toward high-speed and high-capacity spin-based information processing

A group of researchers succeeded in single-shot readout of three states that two electrons in a QD could have. This will become a guideline for resear...


Safe and inexpensive hydrogen production as a future energy source

Osaka University researchers develop efficient 'green' hydrogen production system that operates at room temperature in air


Discovery of protein that strengthens pain signaling

A step toward the development of new treatment for managing chronic pain

A group of researchers discovered that protein Netrin-4 secreted from dorsal horn interneurons in the spinal cord increased pain. It is hoped that epo...


Novel insights into neuronal activity-dependent gene expression by CREB

New technology to clarify brain function at the single-molecule level

In a new study from Osaka University, researchers investigated how neuronal activity influences CREB dynamics. The findings provide novel insights int...


Accessing quantum memory using telecom photonic technology

A solution to a long-standing problem of secure quantum communication

A research group built an elemental quantum communication system including a cold Rb atomic ensemble based quantum memory, a single photon frequency c...


Role of Molecular Modification in Determining Physical Activity Levels Revealed

Will lead to further understanding of how physical activity is regulated at the cellular level in the nervous system

Osaka University-led researchers showed that RNA editing of the molecule CAPS1 is associated with increased dense core vesicle exocytosis, the mechani...


Genes and the Environment Equally Affect Language-related Brain Activity


Improving depression using a journal app to support family caregivers

MiMaMo Mate, an app to support families of patients with depression, developed

A group of researchers developed MiMaMo Mate, an online journal app to support families of patients with depression. This study’s results shows that M...

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