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Regulatory T cells’ involvement in the progress of colorectal cancers (CRCs) found

Treatment of CRCs by controlling bacteria in intestines is anticipated

A group of researchers clarified that, in lymphocytes invading deep inside cancer tissue, there are many subpopulations whose expression level of FOXP...


Discovery of a new biological defense system to eliminate microbial pathogens

Will contribute to the prevention of and development of drugs for infectious diseases

A group of researchers discovered human receptors which detect the invasion of microbial pathogens and ascertained that they worked as a biological de...


Mechanism for inhibiting bacterial invasion of colonic epithelia elucidated

A step forward to the development of drugs for ulcerative colitis

A group of researchers elucidated how a gene named Ly6/Plaur domain containing 8 (Lypd8) inhibits bacterial invasion of colonic epithelia, regulating ...

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