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Scrapping excessive neural connection helps build new connections

Possible self-organizing mechanism of neuronal network formation

Researchers found that neural activity that retracts excessive early innervation in a certain pathway helps make late neural connections in a differen...


Identification of autophagy-dependent secretion machinery

A novel potential for therapeutic approach

A group of researchers identified a molecular machinery by which autophagy mediates secretion. These results underscore an important role of autophagy...


Discovery of the complexity of the quark, a fundamental constituent of matter

Formulation of a chaos index in movement of

A group of researchers succeeded in calculating a chaos index for dynamics of generic quantum field theories, a world first. It is hoped that this stu...


Neural circuits are predetermined by gene expression regulation during embryonic development

Proposal of a new molecular mechanism behind the selective formation of connections


Magnetic separation of all existing materials verified

A wide range of applications, including recycling at home, is possible

A group of researchers verified that heterogeneous particles can be sorted by substance by the low field produced by neodymium (NdFeB) magnets. It is ...


Android portrait of literary legend Natsume Soseki completed


The importance of the glutamine metabolism in colon cancer

A deft role for survival of cancer


Molecular dynamics of 2 dimensional glass clarified

Supercomputers clarify sound fluctuations with large amplitudes

A group of researchers discovered that enhanced fluctuations occurred in glass solids aligned on a two-dimensional (2D) plane by the same mechanism as...


Fast and Simple Way to Make Highly Ordered Porous Films

Osaka-based researchers develop one-step method to coat centimeter-sized inorganic substrates with fully aligned metal–organic framework films


Precise Inactivation of Neural Messenger Receptor Wipes Out Fear Memory in Mice

Research combines antibody precision with toxic oxygen burst to inactivate neural protein and temporarily abolish fear memory in mice

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