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Immune response to parasite toxoplasma gondii drastically enhanced, a world first

Molecules which serve as brakes in immune response to toxoplasma identified

A group of researchers found that a host molecule, RabGDI, suppressed host immune reaction to pathogenic parasite toxoplasma gondii and that suppressi...


How homeothermic animals respond to changes in surrounding temperature clarified

Parallel arterial-venous alignment was the key to this finding

A group of researchers clarified a mechanism for controlling parallel arterial-venous alignment. This group clarified that apelin, a bioactive peptide...


Major Targets for Autoantibodies Causing Recurrent Miscarriage and Thrombosis Elucidated

May contribute to the development of new diagnostic pharmaceuticals and therapeutic medication

A group of researchers elucidated a mechanism for recognizing autoantibodies and a pathogenic method for disorders caused by them....


Mechanisms Behind the Botulinum Toxin Pathogenesis Clarified

The botulinum neurotoxin complex is known to cause fatal food poisoning

A group of researchers clarified how botulinus toxin in the intestinal tract invaded the body. the botulinum neurotoxin complex is known to cause fata...

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