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Nearly double resolution of conventional microscopes achieved

Will improve the quality and functionality of products in a wide range of industrial fields

A team of researchers succeeded in nearly doubling the conventional resolution of Raman scattering microscopy, which is used in a wide variety of fiel...


Success in developing a simple method for fabricating single-layer graphene nanoribbons from double-walled carbon nanotubes

Will lead to increased performance of nanodevice circuits

A group of researchers succeeded in finding a method to fabricate single-layer graphene nanoribbon and discovering that the electric property of sGNR ...


Proving tests of quick and accurate detection of torrential rain predictors begin

Will utilize OU’s Phased Array Weather Radar to detect torrential rain

A group of researchers from Osaka University and Toshiba Corporation started experiments to verify the system for the detection of predictors of torre...


High-value chemical synthesis in butadiene achieved via deactivated catalysts

Will lead to the development of synthesis methods for various organic materials

A group of researchers achieved selective alkylation of internal carbon of butadiene by making use of cheap copper catalysts. With this group's method...


Precise measurement of static electricity between two approaching bodies achieved

Possible application to precise measurement techniques of faint, difficult to detect forces such as gravity

Researchers have developed a method for precisely measuring static electricity between two approaching bodies. This technique will become an important...


X-ray photon-induced diffraction system for real-time observation of grain rotation and lattice deformation developed

Will lead to a new frontier in structural visualization via x-rays

A group of researchers developed in situ X-ray nanodiffraction to measure high-resolution diffraction patterns from single grains with up to 5 ms temp...


High-accuracy AD conversion by optical technology achieved

Possible applications to super high speed optical communications and space/environment observation

A group of researchers achieved seamless operations with below 100-fs jitter (the deviation from true periodicity of a presumed periodic signal in ele...


Technology for measuring a ultra-short optical phenomenon developed

Can be measured simply by connecting one optical fiber

Together with Amonics, a Hong Kong-based company, a group of researchers developed a portable measurement device capable of measuring the shape of a u...


Synthesis of photosynthetic pigments clarified at a hydrogen atom level

Expected to be applied to the development of devices that convert light into energy

A group of researchers conducted neutron crystal structure analysis of complex PcyA and its biliverdin, clarifying the structure with a resolution of ...


Understanding the World as Perceived by those with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Researchers developed a head mounted display simulator for reproducing perceptual experiences

This group analyzed what signals from visual and auditory senses caused such symptoms and modeled that process computationally, a world first. This gr...

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