New technique succeeds in control of electric-field-induced spin resonance despite low-power voltage

Basic technology for super energy-efficient spintronic devices!

Apr 30, 2012

NOZAKI Takayuki (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Spintronics Research Center; former professor, Graduate School of Engineering Science, Osaka University) and a group headed by Professor SUZUKI Yoshishige (Graduate School of Engineering Science, Osaka University) have devised a new method that is highly energy efficient for exerting coherent control over electron spin. Although the use of radiofrequency magnetic fields or spin-polarized inductive currents, both of which require relatively large amounts of power, are normally used for collective spin resonant control, they devised a new method. It is expected that their method will enable development of extremely energy-efficient spintronic devices.


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The learn more about this exciting and ground-breaking research, please read the full research report entitled " Electric-field-induced ferromagnetic resonance excitation in an ultrathin ferromagnetic metal layer " at this page at the Nature Publishing Group website.

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