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Life Sciences & Medicine

Simple 3D glasses show a positive effect on dental education

Researchers show that 3D glasses are effective at teaching the spatial intricacies of the mouth to dental students

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Calcium dynamics regulating the timing of decision-making in C. elegans

A tiny worm makes a decision by calculating mathematical integration

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Novel Method to Study Quantum Fluctuations in Exotic Phases of Matter

An Osaka University-led international research team finds link between quantum fluctuations and the effective charge of current carrying particles to understand exotic phases of matter

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Novel Mode of Antidepressant Action May Help Patients Unresponsive to SSRIs

Osaka University research has identified a serotonin type 3 receptor activator with antidepressant effects in mice that functions independently of SSRIs

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First Luminescent Molecular System with a Lower Critical Solution Temperature

Osaka University researchers develop a tunable luminescent mixture that changes color and reversibly switches from a solution to a suspension when heated

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Exploring the Conversion of Heat to Electricity in Single Molecules

Japanese team investigates how geometry affects electricity generation from heat by single-molecule devices


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