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Life Sciences & Medicine

The making of memory B cells and long-term immune responses

Only B cells that express Bach2 and reduced mTORC1 activity can become memory B cells, the body’s first responder to re-infections


A new magnetic recording method using millimeter/terahertz waves!

Demonstration of focused millimeter assisted magnetic recording


Could megatesla magnetic fields be realized on Earth?

A team of researchers led by Osaka University discovers “microtube implosion,” a novel mechanism that demonstrates the generation of megatesla-order magnetic fields


Silk fibers improve bioink for 3D-printed artificial tissues and organs

Researchers from Osaka University mechanically reprocess silk into a biologically compatible component of bioinks that improves the structural fidelity of 3D-printed hydrogels containing cells for use in drug development and regrowing lost or damaged body parts

Life Sciences & Medicine

Lipids, lysosomes, and autophagy: the keys to preventing kidney injury

A team of researchers led by Osaka University unravel a tangle of pathways involving calcium, lipids, and the degradation of damaged lysosomes that is essential for preventing crystal-induced kidney injury


A new study may revise a theory of flowing viscous liquids that was accepted for 60 years

Discovery of a topological change of an interfacial hydrodynamics by a partial miscibility and creating a cross-disciplinary discipline of chemical thermodynamics and interfacial hydrodynamics


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