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Life Sciences & Medicine

Getting to the heart of epinephrine use in pediatric cardiac arrest patients

An international team of researchers led by Osaka University find that prehospital administration of epinephrine could result in a more favorable outcome for pediatric patients following out of hospital cardiac arrest

Life Sciences & Medicine

Getting to the "Heart" of Heart Beats: Cardiac thin filament structure and function revealed

Osaka University researchers use electron cryomicroscopy to visualize the most detailed images of cardiac muscle thin filaments to date, revealing for the first time structural changes that regulate heart beat function

Natural Sciences

Light-up wheels: Unique organic light-emitting molecular emitters

Researchers at Osaka University design and synthesize highly efficient carbon-based 3rd-generation OLED molecular emitters by linking the donor and acceptor modules into a ring

Life Sciences & Medicine

Peering into the genome of brain tumor

Osaka University-led research introduces a machine-learning algorithm for predicting genetic mutations of malignant brain tumor types based only on MRI, offering promise for noninvasive diagnosis and faster treatment


Utilizing relativistic effects for laser fusion: A new approach for clean power

Activating relativistic effects of intense laser light in plasma, researchers at Osaka University test a new method for achieving consistent nuclear fusion, which may lead to cheaper and emission-free energy production


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