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Life Sciences & Medicine

Phase III clinical trials for stem cell-based cartilage regeneration therapy have started

Life Sciences & Medicine

Discovery of key molecules involved in severe malaria

A new target for malaria vaccine

Life Sciences & Medicine

Next-generation vascular endoscopic catheter with head-mounted image sensor developed through Osaka University-Panasonic Collaboration

A group for researchers has succeeded in the commercialization of a vascular endoscopic catheter with a head-mounted image sensor. This vascular endos...

Life Sciences & Medicine

Dibenzoazepine Defender: Drug Found to be Effective Against Resistant Hepatitis C

Osaka University researchers identify class of chemicals that can combat resistant strains of the hepatitis C virus, as well as parasites that cause malaria and toxoplasmosis

Chronic hepatitis C infection can lead to serious liver diseases. Antivirals that directly target hepatitis C virus (HCV) proteins are effective, but ...

Life Sciences & Medicine

Immune diseases inflict identical twins differently

Osaka University scientists explain why only one identical twin is at risk for autoimmune diseases

Natural Sciences

Development on Muon Beam Analysis of Organic Matter in Samples from Space

Japanese researchers from Osaka University have developed a muon-based approach to non-destructive investigations for unique asteroid samples

Osaka University-led researchers demonstrate a non-destructive muon-based analysis methods for determining the composition of carbon-containing astero...


Experiments of 5th generation wireless systems conducted in a large football stadium

Millimeter-wave communication system using radio over fiber

A group of researchers conducted experiments of 5th generation wireless systems (5G) using millimeter-wave (mm-wave) technique at the Suita City Footb...

Life Sciences & Medicine

New Strategy for Multiple Myeloma Immunotherapy

Osaka University study unveils new target for monoclonal antibody-based treatment of cancer

Cancer-specific proteins have been identified for the development of monoclonal antibody (mA)-based therapies, but there remains a need to uncover new...


Walk This Way: A Better Way to Identify Gait Differences

Osaka University researchers design a gait recognition method that can overcome intra-subject variations by view differences

Human traits such as the face, voice, and gait are commonly used for biometric-based person recognition. Although gait is one of the most practical tr...

Life Sciences & Medicine

Gender roles in ancient times

Japanese scientists show how the expression of a single gene, doublesex1, in the embryo of the ancient crustacean Daphnia magna determines the growth of gender-specific traits

Two new studies by Osaka University researchers provide insights on why male and female bodies of the same species differ. The studies show factors th...

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