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A dual-arm construction robot with remote-control function

Japanese researchers develop new concept construction robot for disaster relief situations

A group of Japanese researchers developed a new concept construction robot for disaster relief situations. This robot has a double swing dual arm mech...


Sampling of the Active Alpine Fault in New Zealand Reveals Extreme Hydrothermal Conditions

International research team involving Naoki Kato of Osaka University identifies anomalous temperature and pore fluid pressure gradients at shallow depth, which affect mineral and seismic stability in the active Alpine Fault of New Zealand

An international research team, including Naoki Kato of Osaka University, identified significant pore fluid pressures and temperatures at relatively s...


English listening skills improve unconsciously by using brain waves

Enhancing brain activity that responds to differences between ‘L’ and ‘R’ sounds through neurofeedback method

A group of researchers developed a neurofeedback method that can improve English listening skills unconsciously by using brain waves....


What Happens When Materials Collide? Observing Fracture in Stressed Materials

International team led by Osaka University researchers reports the first direct observations of a material’s dynamic fracture at the atomic scale, from X-ray diffraction measurements of tantalum

Osaka University researchers have reported the first direct atomic-scale observations of a material’s dynamic fracture under stress. Their X-ray diffr...


Immune responses against pathogens are efficiently induced through cytosolic distribution of interferon-inducible guanylate binding proteins


Plasmodium by-products persist in the bone marrow and promote chronic bone loss

Another hidden pathology caused by malaria infection


A new mutation in kidney disease

Osaka University researchers find an unexpected mutation in proteins of the exosome could be a valuable biomarker for diagnosing the risk of kidney disease


Solar Material for Producing Clean Hydrogen Fuel

Osaka University researchers create new material based on gold and black phosphorus to produce clean hydrogen fuel using the full spectrum of sunlight

A Japanese research team led by Osaka University developed a solar-active material for producing hydrogen fuel. The material is based on lanthanum tit...


A fish of all flavours

Japanese researchers achieve atomic resolution images of taste receptors in fish

Japanese researchers achieve atomic resolution images of taste receptors in fish. The structure explains why so few receptors are sufficient to sense ...


Calcium dynamics regulating the timing of decision-making in C. elegans

A tiny worm makes a decision by calculating mathematical integration

All animals make decisions according to information, but the detailed mechanism is not known. The researchers found that, a tiny worm chooses the dire...

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