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Microanalysis of biological samples for early disease detection

Researchers from Osaka University develop sensing method with the potential to significantly contribute to early detection of cancer and diabetes

Osaka University researchers developed a microanalysis device that uses terahertz waves, showing high sensitivity for detecting ultra-trace amounts of...

Natural Sciences

Direct observation of topology hidden inside materials

Determining the topological nature of materials by their substances is more important than their appearance


Shedding (high-power laser) light on the plasma density limit

Japanese researchers show plasma density limit for the interaction of high-power lasers with matter

Researchers theoretically proposed the existence of density limit for hole boring by laser light on matter. They derived the maximum plasma density as...

Life Sciences & Medicine

Researchers find adult endothelial stem cells that can make fully functional blood vessels

Research team centered at Osaka University uses newly identified blood vessel stem cells to repair injured blood vessels and treat vascular disorders

Stem cells are increasingly used to treat disorders caused by defective tissues. The repair of blood vessels by vascular endothelial stem cells (VESCs...


Study reveals genetic basis of quantitative traits and diseases in Japanese

Genome-wide association study reveals genetic basis of quantitative traits and complex biological links

Osaka University-centered researchers presented one of the largest non-European genome-wide association study (GWAS) of quantitative biological traits...

Life Sciences & Medicine

The subcellular dynamics of RNA stabilizing molecule in response to inflammation

Inflammation is regulated by the balance of accelerator and brake

A research group at Osaka University revealed the regulatory mechanism of subcellular localization of Arid5a in response to inflammation. It had been ...

Life Sciences & Medicine

New genome-editing method “cuts back” on unwanted genetic mutations

Researchers at Osaka University develop novel method that can introduce precise modifications to defective genes with fewer safety drawbacks

Natural Sciences

Mind your speed: A magnetic brake on proton acceleration

Osaka University-led international researchers probe the energy limits of protons emitted from laser-bombarded solids

An international research team led by Osaka University studied high-energy protons emitted from laser-bombarded solids. Recent studies found that high...


A simple new approach to plastic solar cells

Osaka University researchers intelligently design new highly efficient organic solar cells based on amorphous electronic materials with potential for easy printing

Osaka University researchers built on their previous work to develop new advanced organic polymer. When applied in the solar cells, the polymers forme...

Life Sciences & Medicine

Magnesium makes chromosomes

A new chemical tool, MARIO, shows how free Mg2+ ions regulate chromosome shape

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