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AI Software Assists Design of New Material for Solar Cells

Osaka University researchers design organic photovoltaic polymer using machine learning

Researchers from Osaka University used machine learning to design new polymers for organic photovoltaics (solar cells). After mining data from previou...

Life Sciences & Medicine

High efficiency synthesis of insulin by self-assembly based organic chemistry

Natural Sciences

'Exceptional' research points way toward quantum discoveries

Rice University scientists make tunable light-matter couplings in nanotube films

Life Sciences & Medicine

How do cells sense glutamine and control their autophagy and activation?

Glutamine-dependent activation of cell growth discovered

Scientists at Osaka University clarified that the Pib2 complex directly bound to glutamine in yeast cells, which activated a signaling pathway for cel...


New calcium sensor for detecting inhibition of neural activity

Can be applied to functional analysis of cells

A group of researchers developed a new GECI which enables the sensitive and simultaneous detection of neuronal inhibition, which was previously diffic...

Life Sciences & Medicine

Study sheds light on bacterial propeller assembly

Japanese researchers propose a model for how the parts of a bacterial flagellum are assembled

The bacterial flagellum is a motor whose assembly occurs in an ordered, stepwise fashion. However, the molecular details of this ordered assembly are ...


Invisible structures exposed!

Scientists at Osaka University succeeded in 3D reconstruction of hidden branch structures by using image analysis and artificial intelligence technology, a world first

Scientists at Osaka University succeeded in reconstruction of plant branch structures, including the branch structures under leaves, by using image an...


Uncovering the secret law of the evolution of galaxy clusters

Analysis of Gravitational lensing data by an international research team reveals that the evolution of galaxy clusters is dictated by a surprisingly simple law, which clearly shows that they are still growing.


Study sheds light on recently evolved traits among Japanese descendants

Researchers centered at Osaka University identify genetic traits that evolved very recently in human history among Japanese populations

Evolution allows advantageous traits to become predominant. Evolutionary adaptions that occur on comparatively short time scales are less well-underst...

Natural Sciences

Scientists discover the secret behind the stability of carbon isotopes

International collaboration led by Osaka University identifies that proton number six is a magic number for neutron-rich carbon isotopes

An international research collaboration led by Osaka University has provided experimental and theoretical evidence for the existence of the magic numb...

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