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New strain gauge: 200-fold improvment of sensitivity

A big step toward health monitoring of building structures and biosignals


Streaming algorithm realizing smart factory via quick data analysis and future forecasting


Spintronics devices formed on a flexible substrate can be used as magnetic storage for wearable devices


A close up on the real world — atomic migration under ambient conditions

Researchers from Osaka University take a closer look at electrostatically driven reactions at metal surfaces under atmospheric conditions

Osaka University researchers have reported an environmental transmission electron microscopy technique that has allowed in situ visualization of the a...


Structure-function relationship in Golgi as distribution station clarified

Natural Sciences

Novel method for chemical reaction control by artificial metalloenzymes

Life Sciences & Medicine

Multidrug resistance: Not as recent as we thought

Researchers from Osaka University find that a relatively ancient drug efflux pump in Haemophilus influenzae confers resistance to the same drugs as its more evolved counterparts, and is only mitigated by a slightly leaky membrane channel

Researchers from Osaka University found that the ancient RND-type multidrug efflux pump AcrB from Haemophilus influenzae targets the same drugs as its...

Natural Sciences

Strain application to a substrate can change heat current direction in devices


A novel recipe for efficiently removing intrinsic defects from hard crystals


High-energy lasers could be used to treat Alzheimer’s disease in the future

Far-infrared free-electron laser is useful in breaking down protein aggregates and has attractive applications in medicine and biomaterial engineering

The aggregation of amyloid protein fibrils is involved in diseases such as amyloidosis and even Alzheimer’s. Thus, dissociation of these amyloid fibri...


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