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Natural Sciences

Balancing Beams: Multiple Laser Beamlets Show Better Electron and Ion Acceleration

Researchers at Osaka University demonstrated that using multiple high-energy laser beamlets to accelerate electron and ion beams improved the energy transfer efficiency

Researchers at Osaka University show how creating interference patterns with four laser beamlets improves the efficiency of energy transfer when accel...


Could vacuum physics be revealed by laser-driven microbubble?

Natural Sciences

Short-pulse laser isochoric heating mechanism clarified by x-ray emission imaging

Researchers visualize the internal state of titanium heated to several million degrees

Natural Sciences

Quality of laser beam shaping can be enhanced at no extra cost!

Researchers develop high quality additive beam shaping technique applicable to a wide variety of lasers from ultraviolet to near-infrared domain

Researchers from Osaka University developed a technique for improving accuracy of laser beam shaping and wavefront obtained by conventional methods wi...


Novel magnet tape recording systems using epsilon-iron oxide magnetic nanoparticles

Researchers observe light-assisted magnetization reversal and ultrafast response of magnetization reversal by terahertz pulsed laser irradiation

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