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Life Sciences & Medicine

Seeing the world’s smallest universal joints

Researchers at Osaka University used electron cryomicroscopy to solve the structure of an essential component of the bacterial flagellum with unprecedented resolution

Researchers at Osaka University used electron cryomicroscopy to produce the most accurate images to date of the bacterial flagellar hook. This work ma...

Life Sciences & Medicine

Researchers discover molecular light switch in photoreceptor cells

Researchers from Osaka University identify an enzyme that helps control vision in bright and dark spaces, with significant implications for the prevention of light-induced vision damage

Transducin, a protein found inside photoreceptor cells in vertebrate eyes, alters its cellular location in response to changes in light intensity, all...


Mechanisms of respiratory enzyme activity in mitochondrial membrane unveiled

Life Sciences & Medicine

Unraveling mystery of evolution of vertebrates by genome sequencing of goldfish

Toward elucidation of genome duplication and evolution of genes using next-generation DNA sequencing

Life Sciences & Medicine

A Japan First! Osaka U Researcher to Receive Academic Prize at Cosmetic Victories 2019

Researcher in joint research group between Osaka University and Mandom Corporation wins prize at the world’s largest cosmetics cluster for proposing new concepts for next-generation antiperspirants

Life Sciences & Medicine

Uncovering Possible Role of Polyphosphate in Dialysis-Related Amyloidosis

Researchers from Osaka University find that a naturally occurring biopolymer encourages the formation of rogue protein aggregates that can lead to dialysis-related disease

Researchers from Osaka University found that the low concentrations of the naturally occurring biopolymer, polyphosphate (polyP), induces amyloid form...

Life Sciences & Medicine

Hepatitis C virus (HCV) sneaks into the active protein translation of a host cell

Life Sciences & Medicine

Crystal structure of Wnt proteins involved in the development of various diseases unveiled

Will accelerate research on mammalian organogenesis, regenerative medicine, and cancer


Crystal structure and control mechanism of human Ca2+ pump activity clarified

Will unveil how dysfunctional calcium homeostasis in cells causes diseases

Life Sciences & Medicine

Novel and rapid device opens new doors for Parkinson’s disease diagnostics

Researchers develop an accurate, fully automated, rapid tool that uses ultrasonication to measure α-synuclein aggregates, potentially enabling early diagnosis and assessment of new treatments for Parkinson’s disease

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