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Gigantic carbon clouds caught by ALMA telescope: environmental pollution in the early universe


Principle of size evolution: Close relationship between sexual maturation and body size

Natural Sciences

Novel method for chemical reaction control by artificial metalloenzymes

Natural Sciences

Nonlinear properties to realize molecular information processing devices clarified

Chemical control of electronic coupling between molecules and electrodes is important to obtain nonlinear properties necessary for realizing molecular electronic devices


The complex life of a simple parasite

Genome sequencing of dicyemid, a parasite with a complex lifestyle, unveiled

Natural Sciences

Black hole holograms

Japanese researchers propose a new holographic method to simulate black holes with a tabletop experiment

Japanese researchers show how a holographic tabletop experiment can be used to simulate the physics of a black hole. This work may lead the way to a m...

Life Sciences & Medicine

Nuclear pore complex outer rings: no longer “one size fits all”

A team led by researchers from Osaka University and NICT finds that, contrary to popular belief, the outer rings of eukaryotic cell nuclear pore complexes are asymmetrical rather than perfectly identical

In eukaryotic cells, molecules can only move into or out of the nucleus through specialized channels called nuclear pore complexes (NPCs). Each NPC ha...

Natural Sciences

Applying pressure is way toward generating more electricity from waste heat

Researchers apply pressure to a thermoelectric material to better understand quantum phenomena and in doing so are able to increase the material's ability to produce electricity from waste heat by 100%

The ability of a thermoelectric material to produce electricity from waste heat was improved more than twofold by a Japan-based research team led by O...

Natural Sciences

Carbonaceous material in faults affects earthquake dynamics

Natural Sciences

Settling the Debate: Solving the Electronic Surface States of Samarium Hexaboride

Researchers show that the origin of the electronic current on the exterior of samarium hexaboride crystals is due to a kind of symmetry called a “topologically protected surface”

Researchers at Osaka University show that samarium hexaboride is a topological insulator, which allows electrons to flow only along its exterior surfa...


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