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Novel magnet tape recording systems using epsilon-iron oxide magnetic nanoparticles

Researchers observe light-assisted magnetization reversal and ultrafast response of magnetization reversal by terahertz pulsed laser irradiation

Life Sciences & Medicine

Therapeutic and Diagnostic Functions of One Antibody for Pancreatic Cancer

Osaka University researchers base biomarker detection and targeted therapy on the same protein from pancreatic cancer patients

Osaka University researchers developed monoclonal antibodies against CKAP4—a plasma membrane protein—and found that it was released from pancreatic ca...

Life Sciences & Medicine

Mechanism behind suppressing formation of aneuploid gametes clarified

Life Sciences & Medicine

Resist! TAK1 enables endothelial cells to avoid apoptosis

Osaka University-led study shows that TAK1 preserves endothelial cell survival in an inflammatory environment, and can be targeted for tumor suppression

TNFα-induced cell death is tightly regulated and resisted in endothelial cells. Here, an Osaka University-led research team used a unique type of mous...

Life Sciences & Medicine

Keeping Chromosomes in Check: A New Role for Heterochromatin

A team led by researchers at Osaka University finds that extra-tight packaging of genomic material helps prevent large chromosomal rearrangements that can lead to cancer

Large changes in the structure of chromosomes are usually fatal for the cell or can lead to genetic diseases such as cancer. Many large chromosomal re...

Life Sciences & Medicine

Novel viral identification method developed

Researchers create a new nanodevice for influenza virus typing at the single-virion level by combining a nanopore sensor with peptide engineering

A research team led by Osaka University created a novel nanobio device for single-virus detections by combining a nanopore sensor with peptide bioengi...


Real-time observation of DNA strand breaks in radioactive cancer therapy

“Hot” excited electrons play a role in bond breakage


Multi-hop Communication: Frog Choruses Inspire Wireless Sensor Networks

A research collaboration including investigators from Osaka University devise a mathematical model based on the natural coordination of frog choruses, then apply it toward design of efficient networks

A team including researchers from Osaka University looked to nature for inspiration in designing more effective wireless sensor networks. First, they ...


Plant peptide helps roots to branch out in the right places


Designing antibody medicines using alanine substitutions

Will lead to the development of antibody drugs for treating cancer by enhancing antibody affinity by alanine substitutions that are used for analyzing functions of amino acid residues

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